MORSE DRUM 86 Below Hook Drum Lifter, 1000 lb Holding Capacity, Carbon Steel, No Tilt

Item: AF6EYB
Model: 86
Cross Ref: 30CM65
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Item Below-Hook Drum Lifter
Capacity 1000 lbs.
Color Blue
Drum Capacity 55 Gallon
Drum Dia. 22" to 23.5"
Drum Height 23" to 38"
Drum Material Plastic, Steel, Fiber
Drum Size 55 gal.
Drum Type Plastic, steel or fiber
Finish Blue
group 30
Level Height 49 1/4"
Lifting Eye Dia. 2 3/8"
Material Carbon Steel
No. of Drums 1
Number Drums 1
Overall Height 49.25"
Overall Length 25.5"
Overall Width 24"
Spark Resistant No
tilt None
Type Vertical

Product Details

Morse 86 drum lifter is a special device used for lifting, shifting & emptying purposes and can bear loads up to 1000 lb. It protects employees from physical damage and improves the efficiency of the workflow. The drum can be secured using web straps and ratchet positive grip mechanism. It is supported by a bar at the bottom, which ensures that the drum is transported safely, with no chance of sliding out. Once loaded, Morse 86 drum lifter carries the drum without tilting it. This Morse drum lifter is load tested at the factory at 125% of the rated capacity, as per American National Standard ASME B30.20. Each unit is accompanied by a load test certificate. Morse 86 drum lifter is constructed using high quality, solid carbon steel to provide stability during transit.

Shipping Information

Height (cm) 78.74
Length (cm) 78.74
Width (cm) 43.18
HS Code 8428900390
Country Of Origin US
Weight (kg) 25.11


Morse 86 drum lifter is intended for grabbing, lifting, and moving steel drums & barrels, as well as plastic & fibre drums at construction sites, docks and mezzanines. Throughout the manufacturing process, this drum lifter lifts and empties drums into machines or filling lines.

Working Mechanism

  • Secure the drum with a web strap and ratchet positive grip mechanism.
  • To lift and move an upright drum, fasten Morse Drum 86 lifter to your hoist or crane hook.


  • Morse 86 drum lifter transports drums by lifting them vertically, with the help of hoists, monorails or cranes.
  • This barrel lifter is extensively used in oil rigs, docks, construction sites & mezzanines.
  • It is made of carbon steel and can carry drums weighing up to 1000 lb.
  • It is used with 55-gallon (208 litres) drums having diameters ranging between 56 and 60 cm.
  • This Morse Drum 86 lifter is a versatile unit that works with rimmed / rimless steel, fibre & plastic drums.

Compatible Accessories

  • Morse 284 fork hooks: These fork hooks are used to attach Morse 86 drum lifter to a forklift for providing a quick and cost effective method of lifting and positioning drums.
  • Morse 55 / 30 Series drum diameter adapters: These drum diameter adapters allow the operator to handle a small diameter drum using the same Morse drum handler. Inserting the diameter adapter reduces the grip diameter required to fit a drum smaller than the standard size, into the drum lifter.
  • Morse 6314-P cinch chain & ratchet: These cinch chains and ratchets replace standard web strap and ratchet around the drum. The operator can tighten the cinch chain around the drum to secure it in the drum lifter.
  • Morse 6315-P fork pockets: These fork pockets are added to below hook drum handlers for improving the safety of forklift drum handling. It can be easily installed on models like 85A, 85G, 86, 85i, 185A.

Standards and Approvals

  • Morse 86 below the hook drum lifter is built in accordance with international standards like American National Standard ASME B30.20. It ensures environmental health, user safety and enhanced performance.


  • Morse 86 below the hook drum lifter can be attached to a hoist or crane hook to lift and move an upright drum.
  • The drum can be secured using a web strap and ratchet positive grip mechanism around the drum.





Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Morse 86 drum lifter?

Morse 86 drum lifter is a smart device designed to handle and transport heavy drums in factories and warehouses that produce food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals & chemical substances, and must store large quantities of barrels filled with different liquids or powders. It is supported by a bar at the bottom, which ensures that the drum is transported safely, with no chance of sliding out.

What is the maximum load capacity of drums for Morse 86?

Morse 86 drum lifter can handle loads up to 1000 lb.

What size drums can the Morse 86 lift?

Morse 86 drum lifters can accommodate drums with diameters & heights ranging from 22 to 23.5 inches (55.9 cm to 59.7 cm) & 23 to 38 inches (58.4 cm to 96.5 cm), respectively.

How can you improve workplace drum handling safety?

Some ways to improve drum handling safety during daily operations are:

  • Ensure the lid and bung are securely fastened on the drum before you move it. Inspect the drum for damage before moving it.
  • Wear appropriate PPE - drums containing hazardous chemicals might be coated in dangerous residue.
  • Do not attempt to move drums up and down steep slopes using manual equipment not intended for the application.
  • Use fully tested drum lifting equipment when lifting drums from (or onto) a pallet and keep your hands & other personnel clear of the drum while performing the lift.
  • Ensure the connection between the drum and the lifter is secure. If in doubt lower, the drum back down.
  • Do not keep drums in a raised position when leaving the machine unattended, even if for a short duration.

What is the difference between a fuse block and a fuse holder?

A fuse block can hold several fuses, while a fuse holder can accommodate only one fuse.

Is this lifter available in other materials?

Yes, Morse offers the same model as the stainless steel lifter.

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