LEATHERHEAD TOOLS HBB-30 Halligan Bar, 30 Inch Overall Length, 7 Inch Thickness, Steel, Black

Item: CD4CRQ
Model: HBB-30
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Item Halligan Bar
Color Black
Dimension 30" x 7" x 7"
Length 30"
Material High Carbon Steel
Overall Length 30"
Thickness 7"

Product Details

Leatherhead Tools HBB-30 halligan bar is ideal for pulling, ripping, prying and lifting during forcible entry operations. This tool is suitable for fire & rescue, construction, demolition applications and law enforcement units.

Shipping Information

Country Of Origin US

Working Mechanism

  • This halligan bar features multiple sections, including a duckbill, pike, stem and claws.
  • The duckbill is long and inclined to force interior doors and windows to open.
  • Its curved pike is tapered and sharp to open various locks and latches easily.
  • The claws of this halligan bar open hasps, locks and gas valve shut offs.
  • The operator just holds the halligan bar from the stem to perform all the operations.


  • It features electrostatic paint for increasing the tool's resistance against harsh weather conditions.
  • This halligan bar has all forged, high carbon heat-treated steel construction for preventing bending / breaking due to hard impacts against solid and metallic surfaces.
  • It has a long stem for maximising leverage and minimising force requirement.

Compatible Accessories

  • Velcro Strap: The halligan bars can be easily combined with sledgehammers using this velcro strap to form heavy-duty forcible entry tools.

Standards and Approvals

  • ANSI

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Halligan bar and a flathead axe?

  • A Halligan bar is a multipurpose tool used by firefighters to allow forcible entry, ventilation and search & rescue operation. It offers a sharp pointed end for prying, a flat adz end for chopping and a fork end for levering open doors & windows.
  • A flathead axe is designed for cutting, prying and striking applications. The axe is gripped near the head and the haft is used as an extension, allowing the firefighter to search a larger area in zero-visibility conditions. This type of axe is also used for demolition and breaking through walls and roofs.

How do you maintain a Halligan bar?

  • Clean the bar after each application. Use a wire brush or steel wool to remove any rust or debris from the bar.
  • Apply a small amount of lubricant (wax or oil) to the bar to protect it from rust and reduce friction.
  • Store the bar in a dry place, preferably in a container or protective case to prevent rusting or corrosion due to moisture.
  • Keep the pointed end of the halligan bar sharp. Use a file or grinder for this purpose.
  • Resist painting the halligan tool as it can hide the effects of stress fractures in the metal with use over time. Instead, use zinc coating that adds shine to the tool and prevents rusting and damage.
  • Check the halligan bar for any signs of damage, including cracks, chipped teeth or any other deformation. Replace or repair the bar depending on the severity of the damage.

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