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Fastener Black Book, 1st Edition, Metric...

Fastener Black Book, 1st Edition, Metric Type, English, Pocket Size

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Model: FBB-USA

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Item Fastener Black Book, Metric Edition
Height 6.53"
Language English
Number of Pages 248
Thickness 0.62"
Type Pocket Reference Book
Width 4.25"

Product Details

Do you have a question about which fastener to use? Find reference guides, such as Fastener Black Book, fastener tech sheets, the Engineers Black Book and engineering tech sheets, covering everything from thread terminology and classifications to drawing standard formulae and conversion factors. Get the information you need with a reference guide from Raptor Supplies.
FBB-USA Fastener Black Book has been compiled as a means of consolidating the abundance of information on standard fasteners into an easy to read and user friendly format of 248 pages. This fastener book is ideal for tool rooms, machine shops, fabricators, metal workers, machinists, technical trade students, apprentices, industrial professionals, designers, makers and more. It features specially designed paper that offers superior protection for the rugged user. FBB-USA Fastener Black Book has highly durable and tear resistant pages. Additionally, each page surface is glare free for easy reading in bright conditions. The pocket-sized format makes this fastener book an ideal reference in any tool kit. Each page of this fastener book is resistant to dust and wear, allowing it to be kept in the user's back pocket, toolbox or truck floor. The Fastener Black Book is suitable for use in the field or a harsh workshop environment. Each page has barrier protection that can easily be wiped clean without a stain, making this Fastener Black Book suitable for use with greasy hands.
FBB-USA Fastener Black Book is a ready to use reference tool that contains detailed information on fasteners and thread forms within over 248 matte laminated, greaseproof pages. This fastener book is supplied with a Thread Identification Gage for user convenience.

Shipping Information

Height (cm) 16.61
Length (cm) 1.57
Width (cm) 10.8
Country Of Origin US
Weight (kg) 0.27
ISBN 9780958057134


If you are a designer or an engineer and need to know more about fasteners, the FBB-USA Fastener Black Book is a great tool. This Fastener Black Book is ideal for apprentices, trainees, machine shops, tool rooms, technician colleges, fabricators and sheet metal workers. FBB-USA Fastener Black Book is useful to quickly and easily find the information they need to complete a specific task or set of tasks. This reference guide doesn't replace the full user manual. It provides an excellent supplemental way to deliver information on fasteners and thread forms, such as inch and metric fasteners, ISO and DIN standards, materials, coatings, mechanical properties, fastener identifications, tapping charts, preload and torque information, thread terminology, tolerances, and much more.


  • FBB-USA is the 1st (Metric) Edition Fastener Black Book that contains dimensional information on ISO and DIN fasteners and is ideal for engineers, designers, machinists and fabricators.
  • This pocket-sized guide contains 248 highly durable, laminated pages with a glare-free finish and comes with a free thread identification gauge.
  • This Fastener Black Book has an easy to read and convenient user friendly format.
  • It provides information on thread forms, inch / metric fasteners, ISO and DIN specifications, fastener platings & finishes, pre-loads and tightening torques, heads, points, materials, coatings, thread terminology & classifications, standard grades and tolerances.
  • This fastener book has a lay flat format with wire binding to offer ease of use on a workbench.
  • The Wire-O binding system enables the reader to fully open the book, thereby preventing any important information from getting buried inside the book's spine. This unique binding feature also allows the worker to keep the pages open in position without any requirement to hold the book.
  • This fastener book contains information in English. Raptor Supplies also offers FBB-USA-ESP, the Spanish version of the 1st Edition Fastener Black Book.

Compatible Accessories

  • Fastener Black Book Thread Identification Gage: This easy to use thread identification gage is offered complimentary in each Fastener Black Book. Each Fastener Black Book offers a chart on the reverse side of the gage or back cover to identify the thread size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Engineers Black Book brand offer other referencing material?

Yes, the brand also provides various HOT SHEETS (simple format reference tools) that offer a quick reference to the engineering information. These HOT SHEETS are single-page laminated papers that contain the information extracted from the Engineers Black Book. These HOT SHEETS have content printed on both sides of the paper and are laminated as well.

What are the uses of machinery handbooks?

Machinery handbooks are manufactured for drafting rooms and machine shops. These reference books are used in mechanical engineering by workshop mechanics, mechanical engineers, toolmakers, draftsmen, trainees and machinists.

Are these engineering black books tear resistant?

Yes, Engineers Black Book are typically resistant to wear & tear. They come with a clear protective coating that protects the pages from tearing and highly abrasive industrial conditions. This barrier protection feature makes sure that the books can be used & kept in toolboxes, factory floors and harsh workshop environments.

What are engineering reference guides?

Engineering referencing guides/handbooks, such as Engineers Black Book, are the helping books used by engineers, machinists and fabricators for referencing engineering formulae, processes and methods. These compact engineering black books contain information about electrical principles and connections, datasheets, engineering conversion factors and formulae.

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