DAYTON 1TDU2 Squirrel Cage Blower Fan, 1202 CFM, Forward Curve Wheels

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Model: 1TDU2
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Item OEM Blower
Airflow @ 0.000-In. SP 1202 CFM
Airflow @ 0.100-In. SP 1170 CFM
Airflow @ 0.400-In. SP 1120 CFM
Airflow @ 0.500-In. SP 1100 CFM
Bearing Type Ball
CFM @ 0.000-In. SP 1202
CFM @ 0.100-In. SP 1170
CFM @ 0.200-In. SP 1150
CFM @ 0.300-In. SP 1140
CFM @ 0.400-In. SP 1120
CFM @ 0.500-In. SP 1100
CFM @ 0.600-In. SP 1080
CFM @ 0.700-In. SP 1075
CFM @ 0.800-In. SP 1040
Conduit Box Yes
Drive Type Direct
Frequency 50/ 60 Hz
Full Load Amps 7.3/ 3.7A
Housing Color Gray
Housing Finish Enamel
Housing Material Steel
Hz 50/60
Inlet Dia. 7"
Insulation Class B
Lead Length 13"
Max. Ambient Temp. 104 Deg. F
Max. Inlet Temp. 104 Deg. F
Min. Ambient Temp. -10 Deg. C
Motor Enclosure Open
Motor HP 1/2 hp
Motor Insulation Class B
Motor RPM 1390 RPM
Motor Type Permanent Split Capacitor
Mounting Position Multiposition
Outlet Height 5 1/2"
Outlet Shape Rectangular
Outlet Type Non Flanged
Outlet Width 7.125"
Overall Depth 13.125"
Overall Height 14.875"
Overall Width 11 7/8"
Phase 1
Rotation Clockwise
RPM 1390
Shaft Dia. 14mm
Static Pressure 2 1/8" wc
Thermal Protection Auto
Voltage 115/ 230V AC
Wheel Diameter 8.25"
Wheel Finish Galvanized
Wheel Material Steel
Wheel Type Forward Curve
Wheel Width 5 1/4"

Product Details

OEM specialty blowers offer an exact replacement for original equipment blowers having the same physical footprints. These squirrel cage blower fans are ideal for providing economical air delivery for component cooling, general ventilating and cooling & heating operations. Dayton 1TDU2 squirrel cage blower features dynamically balanced wheels for reducing noise & vibration, as well as maintaining the airflow even at high pressures. This Dayton 1TDU2 blower is equipped with a ball bearing motor having cast aluminium end shields for greater heat dissipation rates and protection from component failure & accidental damage. Dayton 1TDU2 squirrel cage blower allows mounting in all positions and delivers a maximum speed of 1390 rpm. This squirrel cage blower fan features a housing made of rolled steel with enamel finish for structural rigidity and resisting corrosion on the exposed surfaces. Dayton 1TDU2 squirrel cage blower fan has forward curved wheel blades to deliver air tangentially from the circumference of the blower. This 1TDU2 squirrel cage blower has a maximum ambient temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Shipping Information

Height (cm) 37.78
Length (cm) 33.34
Width (cm) 30.32
HS Code 8414596060
Country Of Origin CN
Weight (kg) 11.79


Dayton 1TDU2 squirrel cage blower fan is suitable for exhausting or ventilating office machines, cabinets, corn stoves, fireplace inserts, pellet stoves and electronic equipment.

Working Mechanism

The squirrel cage blowers utilise kinetic energy to increase the capacity and velocity of the air stream, thereby differentiating them from positive displacement blowers which use mechanical energy for moving the air from the inlet to the outlet.

Dayton OEM specialty blowers have a circular or cylindrical impeller mounted at the centre with a series of curved vanes. As the impeller rotates, the surrounding air also rotates at the same speed and exerts a centrifugal force to the air for radial outward movement to the walls of the fan or blower housing. Due to this, the air follows a spiral path leading to an increase in pressure & velocity till it exits the blower"s discharge end.


  • This Dayton squirrel cage fan features a ball bearing motor with cast aluminium end shields for greater heat dissipation.
  • It has balanced wheels for reducing the vibration and noise, as well as maintaining the airflow even at high pressures.
  • This air blower (squirrel cage fan) allows mounting in all positions.
  • Dayton 1TDR9 blower delivers a speed of 1600 rpm ideal for heavy operations.
  • Also check out Dayton 702112964X blower having sleeve bearings for noiseless performance and easier installation than ball bearing variants.

Standards and Approvals

  • Dayton 1TDU2 squirrel cage blower is cULus approved and CE & RoHS compliant to deliver high quality services.


Dayton 1TDU2 squirrel cage blower mounts directly to an enclosure for circulating the air uniformly without requiring any ductwork.



Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean a squirrel cage blower fan?

  • Turn off the circuit breaker for the line supplying power to the air conditioning unit or furnace.
  • Remove the trim cover around the open side opposite the motor by turning each screw anti-clockwise with a screwdriver. Use a nut driver if the cover is fastened with self-tapping sheet metal screws and place the screws in a safe place.
  • Pull the trim cover from the air conditioning unit or furnace side.
  • Loosen the retaining bolt on the squirrel cage end by turning it anti-clockwise with an adjustable wrench. Now slide the squirrel cage from the air conditioning unit or furnace.
  • Rinse the squirrel cage outdoors with pressurised water from a garden hose. Set the squirrel cage in direct sunlight but away from dusty areas.
  • Slide the dried & cleaned squirrel cage over the motor shaft and tighten the retaining bolt with the adjustable wrench.
  • Push the trim cover against the squirrel cage opening. Now, turn the trim cover to align its holes with the holes in the side of the air conditioning unit or furnace. Then install one screw in all trim cover holes. Tighten the screws with a screw or a nut runner for securing the trim cover.
  • Turn on the breaker for supplying power to the air conditioning unit or furnace.

Are Dayton OEM blower fans efficient?

Most of Dayton OEM blowers have low efficiency, approximately 50% or less.

What is the difference between blower and compressor?

The primary difference between an air blower and an air compressor is their pressure ratios. A compressor fills air into a small space making the air denser while a blower moves gas or air with a moderate increase of pressure.

What does static pressure signify?

Static pressure is the pressure exerted against the walls of an air duct, produced by air impact and friction as it moves.

Which type of motor is used in Dayton 1TDU2 direct drive blower?

Dayton 1TDU2 squirrel cage blower fan utilises a permanent split capacitor motor that runs at a maximum speed of 1390 rpm.

What is the ambient temperature range of Dayton 1TDU2 squirrel cage blower fan?

Dayton 1TDU2, squirrel cage blower fan has a maximum ambient temperature of 104 degrees F.

What is the difference between a fan and a blower?

A fan delivers air around an entire room or space while a blower circulates the air only on the pointed or specific area. A fan requires less pressure to produce large amounts of gas and is cheaper than a blower.

What factors should I consider while choosing an in-line fuse holder?

  • Match the holder to the type of fuse you will use.
  • Ensure it handles your circuit's maximum current.
  • Match the holder's rating to your circuit's voltage.
  • Check compatibility with your wire gauge.
  • Choose between in-line or panel mount.
  • Consider the environment it will be in.

What is the ambient temperature range of Dayton 1TDU2 squirrel cage fan?

It has ambient temperatures ranging from -10 to 104 degrees F.

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