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AMS G 281 Pocket Penetrometer | AA7MAC 16D171

AMS G-281 Pocket Penetrometer, Spring Operated Aluminum, 6-1/4 Inch Length

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Item: AA7MAC Model: G 281Cross Ref: 16D171 / 59032, E-280
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Product Specifications:

ItemPocket Penetrometer
Face Diameter1/4"
Measuring Unitstons/sq. ft. or kg/sq. cm
Operation ModeSpring

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 0.11
Ship height (cm)2.54
Ship length (cm)25.4
Ship width (cm)8.38
HS code9015808080
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:

Pocket penetrometers are used to provide accurate measurements of compressive soil strength, based on OSHA cohesive soil classification. This hand penetrometer is designed to measure consistency, shear strength and approximate unconfined shear strength. It has a direct-reading scale that offers readings in tons/sq.ft or kg/

Working Mechanism:

  • Push the ring to the highest point until only the "0.0" mark is showing.
  • Insert the piston until the engraved line. Users can take the reading from the scale indicator.
  • The scale is calibrated in tons per square foot or kilograms per square centimetre unconfined compressive strength.
  • It indicates strength from 0 to 4.5 tons per sq.ft.
  • The reading is maintained until it is manually reset.
  • Users can use an Allen wrench for loosening the stainless steel pin to clean the device.


  • Constructed from anodised aluminium and compact in design
  • Reduces human error in classification of cohesive soils
  • Has a friction ring that offers maximum readings and easy-to-read results
  • Can be used with torsional vane shear testers (TVST) that allow rapid estimation of the degree of internal friction of soil
  • Comes with a belt-loop style carrying case and operating instructions

Compatible Accessories:

  • AMS G 282 Adaptor Foot: This unit is ideal when testing extremely low-strength cohesive soils. It increases the effective area measured by 16 times. To obtain correct unconfined compressive strength when the reading (on the low-load side) is in tons per square foot or kilograms per square centimetre, divide the value obtained by 16.

Standards and Approvals:

  • OSHA (Construction Standards for Excavation)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. When would you use a penetrometer?

A. A penetrometer, also known as a soil compaction tester, is a diagnostic tool used to determine the extent and depth of subsurface compaction. This tool can assist in determining whether subsoiling is beneficial and how deep the subsoiler should be set.

Q. How accurate is a pocket penetrometer?

A. There are no calibration certificates with pocket penetrometers since they are not individually calibrated. With AMS G 281, errors up to 1/2 division on the scale (equivalent to 0 to 0.124 TSF) are possible.

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