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AIR SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL ASI-1200 Pneumatic Air Blower, Venturi Style, 1/2 Inch Inlet, 1580 cfm

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Item: AA9BHY
Model: ASI-1200
Cross Ref: 1C089

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Item Venturi Style Pneumatic Air Blower
Air Consumed @ 50 Psig 38 CFM
Air Consumed @ 70 Psig 53 CFM
Air Flow @ 50 Psig 1211 CFM
Air Flow @ 70 Psig 1429 CFM
Air Flow @ 90 Psig 1580 CFM
Base Dia. 7 5/16"
Base Material Cast Aluminum
Bolt Circle Dia. 6 3/4"
Free Air CFM @ 90 PSI 64 CFM
Housing Finish Galvanized
Housing Material Steel
Inlet Size 1/2"
Inlet Type NPT
Length 32 1/8"
Max. Inlet Pressure 140 psi
Slot Size 1/3"
Type Venturi Style

Product Details

Air Systems International ASI-1200 venturi style blower, also called air horn is ideal for ventilating or exhausting hazardous & explosive vapours out of below-ground locations, reservoirs, tanks or confined spaces in chemical plants, refineries, shipyards, laboratories, paper & pulp plants, marine applications and metal fabrication plants. This air blower has a cast aluminium base & a galvanised steel horn for corrosion resistance & lightweight. It has a 7.38-inch base diameter and 7.37-inch horn diameter.

Shipping Information

Height (cm) 86.36
Length (cm) 20.32
Width (cm) 20.32
HS Code 8414596595
Country Of Origin US
Weight (kg) 4.5

Working Mechanism

  • This venturi blower operates on the venturi principle that uses high-pressure air from a compressed air system.
  • The high-pressure air creates a low-pressure zone at the outlet to induce the sucking in of the gasses & fumes to be extracted through the blower's base and out of the air diffuser (horn) of the air mover.


  • Air Systems International ASI-1200 air blower uses compressed air or steam as the power source.
  • It has a static grounding lug to prevent electric shocks or fires.
  • This venturi-style pneumatic air blower is connected to an air hose using a 1/2-inch inlet connection.
  • It has a grab handle for easy transportation to the desired location.

Compatible Accessories

  • Air Systems International Petro-Vent Adapters: These flange adapters thread to vent pipes of most storage tanks. This ASI-1200 pneumatic air blower bolts directly to the compatible flange and meets the ventilation requirements of underground storage tanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use this Air Systems International ASI-1200 air blower in high heat locations?

This venturi blower can also be used to cool machinery or workers in elevated temperature environments using a blast of air.

How is the performance of this Air Systems International ASI-1200 venturi air blower?

This air blower consumes 64 cfm compressed air at 90 psi pressure for 1580 cfm airflow.

What is the maximum air pressure to operate this air blower?

This Air Systems International ASI-1200 venturi air blower can operate on air or steam at a maximum pressure of 140 psi.

Does Raptor Supplies offer other fuse panels with higher number of poles?

Yes, customers looking for fuse panels with higher number of poles can opt for Bussmann 15600-06-20, 15600-08-20 and 15600-10-20 fuse panels having 6, 8 and 10 poles, respectively.

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