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VAL-MATIC Butterfly Valve

 ModelSKUPipe SizePriceQuantity
VAL-MATIC 2003/1A02AK2003/1A02AKAE4NKD5/8"£ 1,003.92 (ex. VAT)
VAL-MATIC 2004/1A022004/1A02AE4NKE5/8"£ 1,003.92 (ex. VAT)
VAL-MATIC 2006/1B02AK2006/1B02AKAE4NKF3/4"£ 1,082.22 (ex. VAT)
VAL-MATIC 2008/1B02AK2008/1B02AKAE4NKG3/4"£ 1,335.76 (ex. VAT)
VAL-MATIC 2010/1C02AK2010/1C02AKAE4NKH7/8"£ 1,918.35 (ex. VAT)
VAL-MATIC 2012/1C02AK2012/1C02AKAE4NKJ7/8"£ 2,281.89 (ex. VAT)
VAL-MATIC 2003/1A082003/1A08AE4NKK5/8"£ 1,003.92 (ex. VAT)
VAL-MATIC 2004/1A08AK2004/1A08AKAE4NKL5/8"£ 1,003.92 (ex. VAT)
VAL-MATIC 2006/1B08AK2006/1B08AKAE4NKM3/4"£ 1,082.22 (ex. VAT)
VAL-MATIC 2008/1B082008/1B08AE4NKN3/4"£ 1,335.76 (ex. VAT)
VAL-MATIC 2010/1C12AK2010/1C12AKAE4NKP7/8"£ 1,834.46 (ex. VAT)
VAL-MATIC 2012/1C162012/1C16AE4NKQ7/8"£ 2,184.94 (ex. VAT)
VAL-MATIC 2003/3BL2003/3BLAE4NKR5/8"£ 863.64 (ex. VAT)
VAL-MATIC 2004/4BL2004/4BLAE4NKT5/8"£ 863.64 (ex. VAT)
VAL-MATIC 2006/6BL2006/6BLAE4NKU3/4"£ 971.29 (ex. VAT)
VAL-MATIC 2008/8BL2008/8BLAE4NKV3/4"£ 1,172.64 (ex. VAT)
VAL-MATIC 2010/10BL2010/10BLAE4NKW7/8"£ 1,714.21 (ex. VAT)
VAL-MATIC 2012/12BL2012/12BLAE4NKX7/8"£ 2,080.54 (ex. VAT)