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TELEMECANIQUE SENSORS Solid State Relay SPST Photoelectric Sensor

 ModelSKUDepthOperation ModeSensing MethodPriceQuantity
TELEMECANIQUE SENSORS XU2M18MA230XU2M18MA230AG7DHC2.440"Dark OnThrough Beam£ 296.05 (ex. VAT)
TELEMECANIQUE SENSORS XU2M18MB230XU2M18MB230AG7DHD2.440"Light OnThrough Beam£ 256.60 (ex. VAT)
TELEMECANIQUE SENSORS XU9M18MA230XU9M18MA230AG7DHE2.200"Dark OnPolarized Retroreflective£ 183.07 (ex. VAT)
TELEMECANIQUE SENSORS XU9M18MB230XU9M18MB230AG7DHF2.200"Light OnPolarized Retroreflective£ 186.87 (ex. VAT)