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OETIKER 101 Series Zinc Plated Steel 2 Ear Clamps


2-ear Oetiker 101 series clamps are medium pressure clamps, offering increased clamping range with a corrosion-resistant zinc-plated steel body. They have a robust design and are used in permanent sealing applications. Oetiker ear clamps have smooth edges that prevent the part being clamped from damage during expansion and contraction. Sold in packs of 100 clamps

 ModelSKUBand WidthRangeSizePriceQuantity
OETIKER 1010000010100000AC8UCJ0.138"3.1-4.1 mm5/32"£ 42.49 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010000110100001AC8UCK0.138"3.5-4.5 mm11/64"£ 42.49 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010000210100002AC8UCL0.197"3.4-5.0 mm3/16"£ 42.49 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010002210100022AC8UCM0.315"14.0-17.0 mm19/32"£ 49.52 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010002910100029AC8UCN0.354"18.1-22.0 mm13/16"£ 98.03 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010003210100032AC8UCP0.394"21.1-25.0 mm15/16"£ 114.41 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010003510100035AC8UCQ0.394"24.0-28.0 mm1-1/16"£ 77.67 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010004110100041AC8UCR0.394"29.3-34.0 mm1-5/16"£ 128.86 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010004310100043AC8UCT0.394"32.0-37.0 mm1-7/16"£ 91.55 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010004510100045AC8UCU0.394"35.0-40.0 mm1-1/2"£ 138.95 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010004710100047AC8UCV0.394"37.6-43.0 mm1-5/8"£ 196.45 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010004910100049AC8UCW0.394"40.6-46.0 mm1-3/4"£ 182.71 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010000410100004AD7FCM0.236"5.0-7.0 mm1/4"£ 44.74 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010000810100008AD7FCN0.276"7.0-9.0 mm5/16"£ 44.74 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010001110100011AD7FCP0.276"8.1-11.0 mm3/8"£ 44.90 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010001610100016AD7FCQ0.276"10.8-13.0 mm1/2"£ 45.91 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010001910100019AD7FCR0.295"12.5-15.0 mm9/16"£ 49.01 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010002410100024AD7FCT0.315"15.0-18.0 mm5/8"£ 49.37 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010002710100027AD7FCU0.335"16.2-20.0 mm3/4"£ 53.80 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010003010100030AD7FCV0.354"19.0-23.0 mm7/8"£ 61.47 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010003410100034AD7FCW0.394"22.5-27.0 mm1"£ 73.24 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010003710100037AD7FCX0.394"26.3-31.0 mm1-1/8"£ 82.15 (ex. VAT)
OETIKER 1010003910100039CD4QGW7mm27.0 - 31.0 mm2831 mm
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