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NTN Double Shield Cartridge Ball Bearings

 ModelSKUBore Dia.Outside Dia.WidthPriceQuantity
NTN 63207ZZC3/L62763207ZZC3/L627AE2YCT35mm+0/-0.012mm5,750 lb.£ 61.62 (ex. VAT)
NTN 63208ZZC3/L62763208ZZC3/L627AE2YCV40mm+0/-0.012mm6,550 lb.£ 71.31 (ex. VAT)
NTN 63209ZZC3/L62763209ZZC3/L627AE2YCY45mm+0/-0.012mm7,350 lb.£ 82.31 (ex. VAT)
NTN 63210ZZC3/L62763210ZZC3/L627AE2YDA50mm+0/-0.012mm7,900 lb.£ 110.74 (ex. VAT)
NTN 63214ZZC3/L62763214ZZC3/L627AE2YDC70mm+0/-0.015mm14,000 lb.£ 257.51 (ex. VAT)
NTN 63307ZZC3/L62763307ZZC3/L627AE2YDK35mm+0/-0.012mm7,500 lb.£ 86.92 (ex. VAT)
NTN 63308ZZC3/L62763308ZZC3/L627AE2YDM40mm+0/-0.012mm9,150 lb.£ 106.58 (ex. VAT)
NTN 63309ZZC3/L62763309ZZC3/L627AE2YDP45mm+0/-0.012mm11,900 lb.£ 172.92 (ex. VAT)
NTN 63311ZZC3/L62763311ZZC3/L627AE2YDT55mm+0/-0.015mm16,100 lb.£ 296.18 (ex. VAT)
NTN 63312ZZC3/L62763312ZZC3/L627AE2YDV60mm+0/-0.015mm18,400 lb.£ 252.15 (ex. VAT)
NTN 63314ZZC3/L62763314ZZC3/L627AE2YDY70mm+0/-0.015mm23,400 lb.£ 459.79 (ex. VAT)
NTN 63316ZZC3/L62763316ZZC3/L627AE2YDZ80mm+0/-0.015mm27,600 lb.£ 707.49 (ex. VAT)
NTN 63317ZZC3/L62763317ZZC3/L627AE2YEA85mm+0/-0.02mm29,800 lb.£ 772.74 (ex. VAT)
NTN 63320ZZC3/L62763320ZZC3/L627AE2YEB100mm+0/-0.02mm39,000 lb.£ 1,117.64 (ex. VAT)