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MAUDLIN PRODUCTS Tool Wrap, 309 Stainless Steel

MAUDLIN PRODUCTS SSFW309-10-50SSFW309-10-50AD7NXX50'Type 309 SS, Soft Annealed10"£ 100.04 (ex. VAT)
MAUDLIN PRODUCTS SSFW309-10-100SSFW309-10-100AD7NXY100'Type 309, Soft Annealed, Stainless Steel10"£ 190.20 (ex. VAT)
MAUDLIN PRODUCTS SSFW309-20-50SSFW309-20-50AD7NXZ50'Type 309, Soft Annealed, Stainless Steel20"£ 186.74 (ex. VAT)
MAUDLIN PRODUCTS SSFW309-20-100SSFW309-20-100AD7NYA100'Type 309, Soft Annealed, Stainless Steel20"£ 363.61 (ex. VAT)
MAUDLIN PRODUCTS SSFW309-10-12SSFW309-10-12CD8WMN12'309 Stainless Steel10"£39.12 (ex. VAT)
MAUDLIN PRODUCTS SSFW309-20-12SSFW309-20-12CD8WMP12'309 Stainless Steel20"£48.88 (ex. VAT)
MAUDLIN PRODUCTS SSFW309-10-25SSFW309-10-25CD8WMQ25'309 Stainless Steel10"£53.78 (ex. VAT)
MAUDLIN PRODUCTS SSFW309-20-25SSFW309-20-25CD8WMR25'309 Stainless Steel20"£98.30 (ex. VAT)