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LEESON Washdown Motor

 ModelSKUFrameHPNameplate RPMPriceQuantity
LEESON 117118.00117118.00AE2MBL6-9/16"£ 1,003.92 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 117119.00117119.00AE2MBM6-9/16"£ 1,025.36 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 117120.00117120.00AE2MBN6-9/16"£ 1,046.79 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 117121.00117121.00AE2MBP6-9/16"£ 1,049.59 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 117122.00117122.00AE2MBQ6-9/16"£ 1,071.96 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 117126.00117126.00AE2MBR6-9/16"£ 939.60 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 117127.00117127.00AE2MBT6-9/16"£ 969.43 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 117128.00117128.00AE2MBU6-9/16"£ 947.99 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 117129.00117129.00AE2MBV6-9/16"£ 1,004.85 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 117130.00117130.00AE2MBW6-9/16"£ 989.01 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 121879.00121879.00AE7DYV6.625"£ 1,283.56 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 121880.00121880.00AE7DYW6.625"£ 1,417.79 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 121881.00121881.00AE7DYX6.625"£ 1,436.43 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 121882.00121882.00AE7DYY6.625"£ 1,415.93 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103387.00103387.00AJ2PRD040027£ 609.34 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103388.00103388.00AJ2PRE£ 632.24 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103389.00103389.00AJ2PRF040027£ 601.99 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103390.00103390.00AJ2PRG£ 616.21 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103394.00103394.00AJ2PRH040027£ 526.35 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103396.00103396.00AJ2PRJ040027£ 651.51 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103397.00103397.00AJ2PRK040027£ 629.96 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103399.00103399.00AJ2PRM040028£ 690.47 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103400.00103400.00AJ2PRN040027£ 651.51 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103402.00103402.00AJ2PRQ040028£ 745.47 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103406.00103406.00AJ2PRT040027£ 651.51 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103408.00103408.00AJ2PRU040027£ 640.49 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103409.00103409.00AJ2PRV040027£ 660.67 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103410.00103410.00AJ2PRW040028£ 704.21 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103411.00103411.00AJ2PRX040027£ 760.64 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103412.00103412.00AJ2PRY£ 802.32 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103413.00103413.00AJ2PRZ040027£ 716.24 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103414.00103414.00AJ2PTA£ 736.34 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103417.00103417.00AJ2PTB040027£ 657.69 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 103418.00103418.00AJ2PTC040027£ 674.76 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 108226.00108226.00AJ2PWE5.0£ 494.92 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 108228.00108228.00AJ2PWG7.0£ 600.81 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 108229.00108229.00AJ2PWH3.7£ 600.81 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 108230.00108230.00AJ2PWJ10£ 732.40 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 108231.00108231.00AJ2PWK5£ 732.40 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 108232.00108232.00AJ2PWL7.6£ 936.11 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 108423.00108423.00AJ2PWX2.7£ 417.26 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 108424.00108424.00AJ2PWY3.5£ 441.46 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 109065.00109065.00AJ2PXE3.1040024£ 694.60 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 109066.00109066.00AJ2PXF3.8040024£ 734.42 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 109067.00109067.00AJ2PXG1.9040024£ 734.42 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 109068.00109068.00AJ2PXH2.7040024£ 734.42 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 109069.00109069.00AJ2PXJ5.2040023£ 858.46 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 109070.00109070.00AJ2PXK2.7040023£ 858.46 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 109071.00109071.00AJ2PXL3.8040023£ 858.46 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 109072.00109072.00AJ2PXM7.5040023£ 1,045.53 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 109073.00109073.00AJ2PXN3.7040023£ 1,045.53 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 109074.00109074.00AJ2PXP4.6040023£ 1,045.53 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 109077.00109077.00AJ2PXQ7.5040023£ 1,212.93 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 109078.00109078.00AJ2PXR3.1040026£ 677.96 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 109079.00109079.00AJ2PXT3.8040026£ 718.30 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 109082.00109082.00AJ2PXV5.2040025£ 842.33 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 109083.00109083.00AJ2PXW2.7040025£ 842.33 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 109085.00109085.00AJ2PXY7.5040025£ 1,029.39 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 109086.00109086.00AJ2PXZ3.7040025£ 1,029.39 (ex. VAT)
LEESON 109089.00109089.00AJ2PYC5040025£ 1,197.82 (ex. VAT)