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DIXON Automotive Interchange Coupler Plug

 ModelSKUBarb SizeBody SizeHose ConnectionPriceQuantity
DIXON J2F2J2F2AE3DBQ1/4"(F)NPT£ 1.74 (ex. VAT)
DIXON J3F2J3F2AE3DBR3/8"(F)NPT£ 2.99 (ex. VAT)
DIXON J2F3J2F3AE3DBT1/4"(F)NPT£ 2.84 (ex. VAT)
DIXON J3F3J3F3AE3DBU3/8"(F)NPT£ 2.85 (ex. VAT)
DIXON J2M2J2M2AE3DBV1/4"(M)NPT£ 1.40 (ex. VAT)
DIXON J3M2J3M2AE3DBW3/8"(M)NPT£ 2.15 (ex. VAT)
DIXON J2M3J2M3AE3DBX1/4"(M)NPT£ 2.00 (ex. VAT)
DIXON J3M3J3M3AE3DBY3/8"(M)NPT£ 2.15 (ex. VAT)
DIXON J2S2J2S2AE3DBZ1/4"1/4"Hose Barb£ 2.41 (ex. VAT)
DIXON J2S3J2S3AE3DCA3/8"1/4"Hose Barb£ 2.61 (ex. VAT)
DIXON J3S3J3S3AE3DCB3/8"3/8"Hose Barb£ 3.48 (ex. VAT)