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DESTACO Destaco 604 Series Straight Line Action Clamps


Destaco 604 Series straight-line action clamps are high-quality fastening devices used in CNC machining and in welding and fixturing of objects. These clamps feature a threaded plunger for thru-hole mounting and positioning, and a locking facility in both extended and retracted positions which allows them to be used as either as a push or a pull clamp. These Destaco clamps are available in steel and stainless-steel variants with maximum holding capacities of 300 and 400 pounds, respectively.

 ModelSKUOverall HeightOverall LengthThread SizePriceQuantity
DESTACO 604604AC8PLK4.160"4.950"5/16-18£ 29.48 (ex. VAT)
DESTACO 604-SS604-SSAC8PLN4.160"4.950"5/16-18£ 76.13 (ex. VAT)
DESTACO 604-MM604-MMAG3QYV4.156"4-61/64"M8£ 44.58 (ex. VAT)
DESTACO 604-MMSS604-MMSSAJ8AYP4.164.95£ 112.79 (ex. VAT)