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CHAMPION Ducted Evaporative Cooler

 ModelSKUAir FlowAmpsDepthPriceQuantity
CHAMPION 14/21DD14/21DDAE3RZB8567 to 10794 cfm62"£ 3,356.64 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 14/21SD14/21SDAE3RZC8567 to 10794 cfm62"£ 3,091.92 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 75/85DD75/85DDAE3RZD6074 to 6685 cfm41.25"£ 1,689.04 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 75/85SD75/85SDAE3RZE5905 to 6498 cfm41.25"£ 1,458.81 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5767K576AF3NLV16,000 cfm7.5/6.8/3.462"£ 4,079.98 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5777K577AF3NLW16,000 cfm7.5/6.8/3.462"£ 4,085.58 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5787K578AF3NLX18,000 cfm10.6/9.6/4.862"£ 4,311.17 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5797K579AF3NLY18,000 cfm10.6/9.6/4.862"£ 4,316.76 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5807K580AF3NLZ21,000 cfm16.7/15.2/7.662"£ 4,409.97 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5817K581AF3NMA21,000 cfm16.7/15.2/7.662"£ 4,416.49 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5827K582AF3NMB16,000 cfm7.5/6.8/3.462"£ 3,815.27 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5837K583AF3NMC16,000 cfm7.5/6.8/3.462"£ 3,820.86 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5847K584AF3NMD18,000 cfm10.6/9.6/4.862"£ 4,046.43 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5857K585AF3NME18,000 cfm10.6/9.6/4.862"£ 4,052.03 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5867K586AF3NMF21,000 cfm16.7/15.2/7.662"£ 4,145.23 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5877K587AF3NMG21,000 cfm16.7/15.2/7.662"£ 4,151.76 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5887K588AF3NMH7500 cfm13.8/7.6/6.941.25"£ 2,099.19 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5897K589AF3NMJ7500 cfm13.8/7.6/6.941.25"£ 2,095.46 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5907K590AF3NMK7500 cfm3.5/3.2/1.641.25"£ 2,252.06 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5917K591AF3NML7500 cfm3.5,SNF/ Greater Than3.2/1.641.25"£ 2,248.33 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5927K592AF3NMM8500 cfm16/841.25"£ 2,106.64 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5937K593AF3NMN8500 cfm16/841.25"£ 2,102.91 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5947K594AF3NMP7500 cfm13.8/7.6/6.941.25"£ 1,868.94 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5957K595AF3NMQ7500 cfm13.8/7.6/6.941.25"£ 1,865.22 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5967K596AF3NMR7500 cfm3.5/3.2/1.641.25"£ 2,021.82 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5977K597AF3NMT7500 cfm3.5/3.2/1.641.25"£ 2,018.08 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5987K598AF3NMU8500 cfm16/841.25"£ 1,876.41 (ex. VAT)
CHAMPION 7K5997K599AF3NMV8500 cfm16/841.25"£ 1,872.67 (ex. VAT)