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AUTONICS Solid Shaft 2 Phase Stepper Motors


The 2-phase Autonics stepper motors are designed for applications that require precise positioning or speed control or both. These lightweight stepper motors can be easily installed in compact and limited spaces, and are widely used in robotic devices and packaging machineries. They are made in compliance with CE and RoHS standards and can rotate in both forward and backward directions. These motors feature a maximum holding torque of 1.54 N-m and winding resistance of up to 2.8 ohms. They require a motor driver and motion controller to operate and are available in face mounting and different shaft diameters and overall lengths.

 ModelSKUFrame SizeShaft Dia.PriceQuantity
AUTONICS A2K-M243A2K-M243AE6BAENEMA 17 / 42mm1-57/64"£ 61.43 (ex. VAT)
AUTONICS A4K-M245A4K-M245AE6BAFNEMA 17 / 42mm1-11/16"£ 89.78 (ex. VAT)
AUTONICS A16K-G268A16K-G268AE6BAGNEMA 23 / 56mm2.187"£ 210.90 (ex. VAT)