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AMETEK LAMB Tangential Discharge Vacuum Motors


Ametek Lamb tangential discharge, open drip-proof vacuum motors are specially designed to move clean and dry air in commercial vacuums, dental evacuators and material handling & transfer systems. The brand's heavy-duty motors feature fan brackets to provide directional vanes to move the air through the fan system more efficiently and air seal bearings to prevent vacuum loss. These energy-efficient vacuum motors come in 2- and 3-stage configurations used to create either more pressure or lift when used as a blower or vacuum, respectively. Single-stage motors typically have the highest air flow and are suitable for a range of appliances including central vacuums, carpet extractors and mould injection motors. Ametek noiseless tangential discharge vacuum motors have an average life of 1500 hrs & brush life up to 1000 running hours and can be mounted in all positions. Raptor Supplies offers a wide variety of Ametek Lamb tangential discharge vacuum motors, available for operation at 24 & 36 VDC and 120 and 240 VAC.

 ModelSKUAverage LifeBody Dia.DischargePriceQuantity
AMETEK LAMB 115334115334AC2QLZ700 hr.7.200"Tangential£ 317.83 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 115937115937AC2QMA700 hr.7.200"Tangential£ 387.04 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116103-00116103-00AC2QMF700 hr.7.200"Tangential£ 467.46 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116207-00116207-00AC2QMP500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 182.46 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116119-00116119-00AC2QMQ700 hr.7.200"Tangential£ 378.64 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 117465-13117465-13AC2QNA700 hr.7.200"Tangential£ 392.64 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 117507-00117507-00AC2QNB700 hr.7.200"Tangential£ 371.52 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116392-00116392-00AC2QNM500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 133.86 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 117123-00117123-00AC8VFX500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 298.23 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 117488-13117488-13AC8VFY700 hr.7.200"Tangential£ 417.58 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 119412-13119412-13AC9JVU500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 153.43 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 119432-13119432-13AC9JVY500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 277.12 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 119433-13119433-13AC9JVZ500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 292.89 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 119436-13119436-13AC9JWA500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 313.24 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 122049-00122049-00AC9JWB500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 440.99 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 117500-12117500-12AC9PDV700 hr.7.200"Tangential£ 394.43 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116136-00116136-00AD8THL700 hr.7.200"Tangential£ 531.33 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116161-00116161-00AD8THM700 hr.7.200"Tangential£ 508.16 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 117507-13117507-13AD8THN700 hr.7.200"Tangential£ 401.29 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 117157-13117157-13AD8THP700 hr.7.200"Tangential£ 359.57 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 115684115684AD8THQ700 hr.7.200"Tangential£ 448.37 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 115950115950AD8THR700 hr.7.200"Tangential£ 492.64 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 117467-13117467-13AD8THT700 hr.7.200"Tangential£ 387.04 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116671-50116671-50AD8THX500 hr.5.700"Thru-Flow£ 163.88 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116513-13116513-13AD8TJL500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 261.59 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116515-13116515-13AD8TJM500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 269.23 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116513-32116513-32AD8TJN500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 304.34 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116765-13116765-13AD8TJP500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 241.99 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116765-00116765-00AD8TJQ500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 253.71 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116565-13116565-13AD8TJR500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 237.68 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116565-29116565-29AD8TJT500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 284.24 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 115894115894AD8TJU500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 203.07 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116210-50116210-50AD8TJV500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 197.21 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116210-85116210-85AD8TJW500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 212.99 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116409-13116409-13AD8TJX500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 259.55 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116157-00116157-00AD8TJY500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 312.48 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116420-13116420-13AD8TJZ500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 173.29 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116353-00116353-00AD8TKA500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 217.83 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116472-13116472-13AD8TKB500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 205.35 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116520-50116520-50AD8TKC500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 110.74 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116859-00116859-00AD8TKF500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 260.07 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 116474-37116474-37AD8TKT500 hr.5.700"Tangential£ 197.98 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 122133-00122133-00AF2MTQ1500 hr.8.400"Tangential£ 292.13 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 122165-00122165-00AF2MTR1500 hr.8.400"Tangential£ 286.02 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 122170-18122170-18AF2MTT1500 hr.8.400"Tangential£ 327.49 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 122172-18122172-18AF2MTU1500 hr.8.400"Tangential£ 321.14 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 122173-18122173-18AF2MTV1500 hr.8.400"Tangential£ 358.28 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 122175-00122175-00AF2MTW1500 hr.8.400"Tangential£ 331.56 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 122176-18122176-18AF2MTX1500 hr.8.400"Tangential£ 373.06 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 122177-00122177-00AF2MTY1500 hr.8.400"Tangential£ 361.09 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 122178-18122178-18AF2MTZ1500 hr.8.400"Tangential£ 405.11 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 122207-18122207-18AF2MUA1500 hr.8.400"Tangential£ 411.98 (ex. VAT)
AMETEK LAMB 122180-18122180-18AF2MUB1500 hr.8.400"Tangential£ 420.38 (ex. VAT)
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