Venturi Blower, Pneumatic Type

Pneumatic venturi blower from Allegro Safety is used for extraction of hazardous fumes or gases from tanks and other sources using compressed air or saturated steam. Allegro blowers have lightweight construction and come in steel or plastic housings, with a maximum operating pressure of 140 psi. These are widely used in refineries, power plants and steel industries for ventilation. Allegro venturi blower features a cast aluminium base and a 1/2 inch hose with crow's foot connector, required for inlet connection of blower with the air supply source. The company also offers ducting, which is sold separately in different sizes, for use in standard and statically conductive environments.

9 Product(s)
ImageSKUMPN Base Dia. Housing Material Inlet Connection PriceQuantity
ALLEGRO 9518-10AC4TNT9518-10 17-1/2" Steel 1/2" NPT £652.50
ALLEGRO 9518-03SAD2NZJ9518-03S 7-1/3" Steel 1/2" NPT £226.20
ALLEGRO 9518-03AD2NZK9518-03 7-1/3" Steel 1/2" NPT £224.75
ALLEGRO 9518-06AD2NZL9518-06 11-1/4" Steel 1/2" NPT £319.00
ALLEGRO 9518-08AD2NZM9518-08 14-1/3" Steel 1/2" NPT £493.00
ALLEGRO 9518-13SAE3YRK9518-13S 7-1/3" Plastic 1/2" NPT £203.00
ALLEGRO 9518-13AE3YRL9518-13 7-1/3" Plastic 1/2" NPT £224.75
ALLEGRO 9518-16AE3YRM9518-16 11-1/4" Plastic 1" NPT £319.00
ALLEGRO 9518-18AE3YRN9518-18 14-1/3" Plastic 1" NPT £493.00