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AKRO-MILS Hanging Bin Divider

AKRO-MILS 402105KY84402105KY84AE4JFU2-5/9"4-6/7"1/6"£ 7.29 (ex. VAT)
AKRO-MILS 402205KY85402205KY85AE4JFV2-5/9"6-4/5"1/6"£ 6.79 (ex. VAT)
AKRO-MILS 402395KY87402395KY87AE4JFX6.375"10-2/9"2/7"£ 14.45 (ex. VAT)
AKRO-MILS 402455KY88402455KY88AE4JFY6.375"14"2/7"£ 17.54 (ex. VAT)
AKRO-MILS 402655KY89402655KY89AE4JFZ8.375"17-2/9"2/7"£ 28.25 (ex. VAT)
AKRO-MILS 402705KY90402705KY90AE4JGA10.375"17-1/7"2/7"£ 31.75 (ex. VAT)