Motorized Rotatry Style Gasket Cutter

Allpax offers motorized M3 rotary-style gasket cutters, a perfect solution for fabricating custom ring and flange gaskets. The motorized gasket cutter comes with a bench mount and a reliable Dayton 6Z820 (1/6 HP gearmotor) motor to precisely cut non-metallic gasket materials such as cork, fiber, and rubber up to 1/4" (0.63cm) in thickness. This gasket cutter is equipped with a heavy-duty cast iron frame having a 7" (17.78cm) throat and is offered in models supporting different voltage settings (120V or 220V). The motorized M3 Allpax gasket cutter features rotary cutting discs made of heat-treated tool steel and is used for crafting multiple runs of the same-size gaskets quickly. These American-made cutters easily mount to any workbench with 1/4" bolts and have dimensions of 34" x 12" x 15"

3 Product(s)
ImageSKUMPN Item Type Voltage (AC) PriceQuantity
ALLPAX AX7200AG8YBLAX7200 Gasket Cutter SAE 120 £2,892.67
ALLPAX AX7220AG8YBMAX7220 Gasket Cutter SAE 220 £2,892.67
ALLPAX AX7250AG8YBNAX7250 Metric Gasket Cutter Metric 120 £2,892.67