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3M Glass Cloth Tape

 ModelSKUAdhesion StrengthAdhesiveItemPriceQuantity
3M 36153615AA6VGH35 oz./in.SiliconeCloth Tape£ 9.02 (ex. VAT)
3M 36153615AA6VGJ35 oz./in.SiliconeCloth Tape£ 13.26 (ex. VAT)
3M 36153615AA6VGK35 oz./in.SiliconeCloth Tape£ 27.23 (ex. VAT)
3M 361361AA6WWL38 oz./in.SiliconeCloth Tape£ 86.11 (ex. VAT)
3M 36153615AA6WWM35 oz./in.SiliconeCloth Tape£ 10.36 (ex. VAT)
3M 36153615AA6WWN35 oz./in.SiliconeCloth Tape£ 41.84 (ex. VAT)
3M 3M 69 23M 69 2" x 36 ydsAA6WYD40 oz./in.SiliconeCloth Tape£ 141.18 (ex. VAT)
3M 399FR399FRAH8ZYC52 oz./in.AcrylicTape£ 2,654.58 (ex. VAT)
3M 399FR399FRAH8ZYD52 oz./in.AcrylicTape£ 1,990.92 (ex. VAT)
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