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Pump Controls


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Alarm, Explosion Proof
Item: CE2BEW
Model: ALM2C1D2
$3244.29 /unit
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Float Switch

Float Switch

Item: BQ8HNY
Model: 950225
$628.68 /unit
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Float Switch Chem Resistant 230v
Item: AC8LJF
Model: 3BY84
$183.56 /unit
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Flow Switch, 1/2 Inch NPT, Brass
Item: CD4EAZ
Model: S19319B2
$833.49 /unit
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Flowmeter Turbine Aluminium 30 To 300 Gpm
Item: AA4ZDX
Model: 03A32GM
$1061.26 /unit
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Liquid Flow Switch 0.5 Gpm No
Item: AD8EYT
Model: FS150NO05GPM
$127.13 /unit
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Liquid Flow Switch Piston Spst 20va
Item: AA8WLT
Model: FS92770830
$142.44 /unit
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Meter Register Kit, M3, Facia, Litres
Item: CD8PZG
Model: 1315109
$23.10 /unit
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PCB Kit, Reed Switch Only Board, Screws, Terminal Block
Item: CD8QRL
Model: 15120813
$53.90 /unit
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Retrofit Kit, 2 Inch NPT Nut, Viton
Item: CD8RLM
Model: 1528002
$173.80 /unit
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Rotor Kit, Stainless Steel and Viton Seal
Item: CD8RDX
Model: 15241551
$352.00 /unit
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Rotor Kit, Stainless Steel, Viton Seal, Carbon Ceramic Bearings
Item: CD8RAM
Model: 15240591
$203.50 /unit
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Pump Controls

Pump controls are designed to regulate and maintain adequate flow rates and water pressures in water distribution systems. They also manage the fluid circulation, liquid levels and flow rates in systems where heavy-duty pumps run. Raptor Supplies offers a huge variety of these pump controls from brands like Apollo, Bradley, Dayton, Dwyer Instruments, Flowline, Franklin and General Electric. These controllers reduce the power loss by adjusting the relationship between pressure and flow at different power levels. We also offer pump control boxes integrated with microprocessors for monitoring the power-line voltage and pump motor power draw. To keep pumps operating at a specified flow rate and redirect fluids to a backup pump, when the flow rate drops, we also bring to you flow sensors and flow switches, respectively.

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