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Pressure and Vacuum Measuring


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Differential Pressure Gauge 0 - 50 Inch Wc
Item: AC9JKN
Model: 142SC00OO50H
$675.54 /unit
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Gauge Pressure 2-1/2 Inch 0 to 400 psi
Item: AH7HHU
Model: PEM219LF
$29.41 /unit
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Gauge Pressure 30 inch Hg Vac/kPa 4 inch
Item: AG9HGT
Model: PEM220LF
$51.37 /unit
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Joint Tester, Pipeline, 72 Inch Diameter
Item: CF3ALK
Model: 1458072
$10916.43 /unit
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Pressure Gauge 0 To 30 Psi 6 Inch 1/4 Inch Npt
Item: AC3BXV
Model: 601082AS02L30C4
$633.76 /unit
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Pressure Gauge Process 4-1/2 In
Item: AA2TMP
Model: 11A486
$260.90 /unit
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Pressure Gauge Stainless Steel 10 000psi
Item: AH3BDW
Model: 301L402U
$132.64 /unit
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Pressure Gauge Test 2-1/2 In
Item: AD7NAQ
Model: 4FLW3
$22.51 /unit
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Pressure Gauge Test 4 In

Pressure Gauge Test 4 In

Item: AD7GJK
Model: 4EFJ3
$131.84 /unit
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Pressure Transducer Range 0 To 60 Psi
Item: AE3GRG
Model: G17M0142CD60
$221.36 /unit
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Pressure Transducer, 0 To 500 PSI +/-1pct
Item: AC8TTN
Model: 62814GHP1E4S1
$156.11 /unit
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Transducer 0 To 300 Psi Output 1 To 5vdc
Item: AE4MDQ
Model: G17M0215F2300
$223.50 /unit
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Pressure and Vacuum Measuring

Raptor Supplies products offer a variety of reliable pressure and vacuum measuring devices for safe and accurateapplication in even the harshest and most difficult of conditions. There is a range of pressure andvacuum gauges for any application and environment, whether it is a good quality transducer formeasuring or collecting data of process variables or various instruments to test multiple variables withdifferential gauges, there is a wide range from Raptor Supplies to count on.

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