Paint Sprayers and Accessories

We offer a wide range of air paint sprayers, airless guns, atomising spray nozzles, electric and handheld sprayers, and related sprayer accessories such as filters, tank hoses, cups and pressure pots from Newstripe, 3M, Titan Tool and Graco. While electric, airless and air-powered sprayers are used to paint large surfaces such as walls and buildings, airbrush, conventional and handheld sprayers, on the other hand, are used to paint small surfaces such as furniture and cabinets. The spray tips for airless gun are capable of bearing a maximum pressure of 7500 psi and are offered in a tip size range of 0.007 - 0.037 inch. For perfect airline finish, choose from our wide range of single- / variable- / 4-speed handheld texture paint sprayers that can deliver a flow rate of up to 12 gph.