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Lab Equipment


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Centrifuge Package 200 to 240V
Item: AH8DWZ
$28842.86 /unit
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Centrifuge Package 90 x 2.0mL 5.3A
Item: AH8DUD
Model: 220MICRO90
$9148.93 /unit
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Cutting Mill, Single Speed, 230V, 3 Phase, Size 8 Inch
Item: CE2DWY
Model: E370035
$22500.00 /unit
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Desiccator Glass Clear Inner Diameter 240mm
Item: AE7HHZ
Model: 5YHT6
$111.21 /unit
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Model 102 Converter For Digital Sonifier
Item: AD4NMN
Model: 101135066R
$3501.43 /unit
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Set Compound Microscope, Digital Set
Item: CE8LAH
Model: OBE114T241
$1419.64 /unit
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Shaker Stand, 316 Stainless Steel Mirror Polished
Item: AX3DRV
Model: E6010ASTSSPMF
$4000.00 /unit
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Shaker Tiering Posts, 6" Length
Item: AX3DUT
Model: E6191
$171.43 /unit
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Stereo Microscope Set, Trinocular
Item: CE8LRR
Model: OZM983
$1660.71 /unit
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Stereo Microscope Set, Trinocular, UK
Item: CE8LRN
Model: OZM953UK
$1508.93 /unit
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Waring Bearing Holder, Stainless Steel
Item: AX3EEV
Model: E867222
$497.43 /unit
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Waring Blender, Double Speed with Timer, 115/230V
Item: AX3EBY
Model: E8150
$1028.57 /unit
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Lab Equipment

Raptor Supplies features a comprehensive catalogue of lab equipment to address a wide variety of customer requirement. High quality lab equipments and instruments give accurate and reliable results by keeping the interferences at bay. For instance autoclaves treat contamination and ensure consistency when you sterilize instruments for repeated use

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