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Confined Space Equipment


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AC Axial Blower, 8 Inch, 220V
Item: AG8FNR
Model: 9513-E
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Air Flow Chasis

Air Flow Chasis

Item: AU4RAJ
Model: 70860000A
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Conduit For Centrifugal Two Speed Blower
Item: AG8FLV
Model: 9507-06
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Confined Space Entry System 7 ft Height
Item: AH9NLZ
Model: 8301030
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Confined Space Fan Axial 12 Inch 5/8 HP 230V
Item: AG9HPA
Model: UB30
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Confined Space Fan with Duct Explosion Proof 8 Inch 1/4HP 230V
Item: AG9HNU
Model: UB20XX
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Confined Space Kit, 9 Inch Aluminium Tripod, Carrying Bag
Item: AE4TBX
Model: 8300041
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Fan, 15 Feet Duct, 220V AC, 8 Inch Size

Fan, 15 Feet Duct, 220V AC, 8 Inch Size

Item: CD6JGZ
Model: CVF-15X220
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Fan, EX, For Ventilation Blower, Explosion-Proof, Axial Fan 12 Inch
Item: AG8FMC
Model: 9509-06EX
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Replacement Pad Kit, Size 32 Inch
Item: CF2YCG
Model: 938-7232-FM
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Shaft Key

Shaft Key

Item: AG8FKZ
Model: 9505-09A
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Venturi Air Blower, Compressed Air / Steam Input Media
Item: CD4CUW
Model: TX-10AM-P
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Confined Space Equipment

Maintenance and construction work in confined spaces can be very risky due to limited ventilation. To avoid any chances of injury and to keep fresh air flowing through workspaces, we offer a wide range of confined space equipment, safety gear and tools. Our extensive Confined Space Equipment range includes fans, blowers, tripods, winches, hoist mounts, ventilation ducting and other essential products for applications in manholes, tunnels, tanks and tightly enclosed spaces. Confined space fans and blowers have a lightweight and durable polyethylene construction and are available in axial, carpet, centrifugal and venturi variants. The venturi blowers from ASI, Allegro and Texas Pneumatic Tools are used to extract or ventilate hazardous vapours in reservoirs, refineries, laboratories and chemical plants. Raptor Supplies also offers a variety ASTM-compliant standard and statically conductive ducting in different diameters for application with various pneumatic venturi blowers. Confined space winches are used to lift a person out of confined spaces and have a maximum load holding capacity of 450 lb (204 kg).
We also offer a complete line of manhole cover lifters, guard rails and winches, smoke blowers, saddle vents and various cover accessories. With their long and sturdy steel handles, the manhole lifters can easily lift up to 300 lb (136 kg) manhole covers, and the manhole shields are not only useful in ensuring safe working environment but also creating a watertight seal around the manhole.

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