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Check Valves and Backflow Preventers


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Air Gap 4 To 6 Inch Npt Use With Series 909
Item: AB2BHE
Model: 4909AGK
$274.83 /unit
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Ball Cone Spring Check Valve 1/4 Inch Mpt
Item: AD7CHQ
Model: PVCCHK4264M4MF
$24.87 /unit
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Double Check Detector Assembly, 3 Inch Size, U-Flow
Item: BP3PUB
Model: 4SG600G10U
$8183.81 /unit
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Double Check Detector Assembly, 6 Inch, U-Flow
Item: BP3YHE
Model: 4SG60CG6U
$13876.41 /unit
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Double Check Valve Assembly, 10 Inch
Item: BP4PPP
Model: 4ANLF60GE9
$19494.95 /unit
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Dual Check, 1/2 Inch Size
Item: BP4LRV
Model: 4N3A33B
$91.74 /unit
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Reduced Pressure Detector Assembly, 2-1/2 Inch Size
Item: BP2WJL
Model: 4ALF709G3
$9768.55 /unit
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Reduced Pressure Detector Assembly, 3 Inch Size
Item: BP6BBH
Model: 4ALF720E3
$9535.95 /unit
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Repair Kit, 1/4 Inch Size, Air Pressure Regulator Valves, Gauge Outlet
Item: CE6ZZT
Model: 159A5KIT
$70.47 /unit
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Swing Check Valve Bronze 2-1/2 Inch Fnpt
Item: AA9YQC
Model: 509212
$2350.34 /unit
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Swing Check Valve, Y Type, Size 1-1/2 Inch NPT, Bronze
Item: CA3CYV
Model: 61Y207T1
$181.58 /unit
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Vacuum Breaker 6 Inch Mnpt Brass 35 Psi
Item: AB7ZZG
Model: G67991
$107.90 /unit
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Check Valves and Backflow Preventers

Raptor Supplies offers an extensive range of check valves, backflow preventers (along with their accessories) & vacuum breakers from brands like Apollo, Dixon, Milwaukee Valve, Plast-o-Matic, SMC Valves, Watts and Wilkins. The flow check valves come with square-cut O-ring seats for proper sealing and providing minimum backpressure. Check and foot valves allow unidirectional flow and are widely used in sump / wet pumps for drawing water out of the well while restricting back siphonage. To prevent backflow because of vacuum generation in water drainage systems, vacuum breakers are ideal choice; available in brass, bronze, chrome-plated brass, lead-free bronze, lead-free brass and polished chrome material variants. We also have flow control valves used for regulating the fluid pressure and providing a positive shutoff in hydronic heating systems, boilers, indirect water heaters and chemical processing systems.

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