Industries Served


Raptor Supplies offers aerospace companies with a wide selection of fasteners, hand and power tools, hydraulics, lubrication, plumbing and pneumatic supplies. We can verify if components meet MIL-SPEC or other aerospace quality standards. Plus, our logistics solution ensures a secure chain of custody from OEM to end user. ISO-9001 registration in process.

Armed Forces

We support armed forces stationed throughout the world, including in the UK, Central Europe, the Middle East and East Asia. Raptor Supplies’ high-quality range of adhesives, electrical and lighting (both 110v and 220v), material handling, air conditioning / HVAC and safety equipment caters to a variety of needs. Our solution enables us offer speedy delivery to a base that is uniquely suited to the military’s unplanned MRO needs.


Raptor Supplies has a variety of products suited to needs of chemicals, ranging from protective and safety equipment, material handling (drum handling solutions), HVAC, cleaning, lighting and pneumatics. We supply equipment designed for use in hazardous or explosive atmosphere (adhering to EU ATEX and and IECEx standards).

Food & Beverage

Our offering includes a variety of products specifically designed for use in the food and beverage industries. From material handling items made of 304 / A2 stainless steel to food grade tools and implements that comply with FDA standards, Raptor Supplies has the products you need.


Raptor Supplies has a catalog that can supply tooling, HVAC, material handling such as flooring solutions or just about anything that is required on the plant floor. Need a forklift or a pallet jack, no problem! We can meet a company’s requirements for 220v or CE-certified spec if required.


Our solution is specifically suited for the marine sector, which enables us to deliver industrial supplies quickly to any part of the world. We supply docked vessels, offshore vessels and port facilities with 110v electricals / lighting / motor / machining, material handling solutions both above and below deck, pumps, welding and abrasives.


Raptor Supplies is well positioned to deliver industrial supplies to mining operations around the world. We can also deliver to a mining company’s existing freight forwarder if preferred. We offer a range of safety equipment, material handling solutions, abrasives, electrical, tools, lubrication and outdoor equipment such as generators.

Oil & Gas

We cater to the ever-increasing needs of oil and gas clients around the world. Raptor Supplies offering specializes in supplying oil in gas in areas such as safety, material handling, electrical, lighting, fasteners (both imperial and metric), HVAC solutions (110v and 220v variants), tooling, hydraulics, lubrication and pumps. Our offering includes products and equipment that is certified for use in hazardous or explosive atmosphere environments to either American or European standards.

Public Sector

We supply to universities and hospitals, including the NHS and as well as UK and European universities, colleges and training institutes. Public sector organisations can benefit from Raptor Supplies’ broad selection of test instruments, laboratory supplies, material handling, furniture and pump equipment.


Raptor Supplies can easily fulfill the supply needs of SMEs. We offer a full range of fasteners, hardware, machining, motors (110v and 220v / 50Hz and 60Hz), paint equipment, pumps, power tools and raw materials delivered to your door.

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