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Looking for a Grainger industry supply item? Raptor Supplies distributes the entire catalogue of Grainger products to business customers in israel. Choose from over 1 million+ US brand industrial parts, including Grainger-owned brands such as Dayton, Tough Guy, Speedaire, Battalion and Condor. Raptor Supplies offers multiple shipment options such as express courier via FedEx and DHL, air freight and sea freight to suit your procurement budget and timeline. Customers can also use their own courier account for shipment if more convienient, simply provide your account number courier method at the time of purchase. Purchases can either be made directly on our website or send us your Request for Quote and get a formal quotation via email. Our offering also includes sourcing of obsolete or discontinued Grainger part numbers. So get in touch today!

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Frequently Asked Questions


What WW Grainger products do you offer?

We offer the entire Grainger supply tools catalogue. Raptor Supplies is an official international distributor for Grainger products. We supply over 1.5 million+ high-quality products, spares and consumables across 33 product categories covering thousands of US industrial brands.

One major benefit of the Grainger catalogue is the sheer size of its product offering. Nobody enjoys looking through thick, heavy catalogues to find products anymore, so simply type in the Grainger part number on our website to find the required product.

Which brands are owned by Grainger?

WW Grainger has a number of owned brands, including Dayton, Speedaire, Tough Guy, Air Handler, Lab Safety Supply, Battalion, Condor and Westward. This means these brands are exclusive to Grainger and their distributors. Most of these items are either manufactured in the USA or China.

Dayton: Offers a variety of motors, fans, blowers, pumps, power transmission belts & pulleys and material handling products to suit a variety of automotive applications. Dayton gear motors are used to adjust the speed & torque to any desirable figure and are suitable for use in peristaltic pumps. The brand's synchronous drive gear belts provide noiseless, non-slip performance with low tension requirements.

Speedaire: Known for offering a wide selection of pneumatic products such as air compressors, vacuum pumps, FRL regulators, fittings / hoses, pneumatic tools and valves. Speedaire pneumatic air cylinders are suitable for applications where magnetic sensing pistons are not required. These compact cylinders feature stainless-steel construction to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to 200 degrees F and pressures up to 200 psi.

Westward: Ideal brand for hand tools, sockets & bits and tool storage. Also known for machining tools such as clamps, deburring tools, indexable cutting tools and milling / threading tools. Westward adjustable wrenches are designed in accordance with ASME certifications and are well-suited for fastening nuts, bolts and fittings in HVAC equipment. These wrenches feature steel construction with a black phosphate finish for resistance against hydraulic oils or corrosive fluids and an adjustable screw mechanism to eliminate the additional need for installation tools.

Condor: Known primarily as a safety equipment supplier, offering safety glasses, gloves and fall protection products. The chemical-, temperature- and cut-resistant gloves offered under the Condor safety gloves category exceed CE standards and are widely used in construction, aerospace, automotive, petrochemical and metal fabrication industries.

Air Handler: As the name suggests, this brand offers air filter products. This includes panel & pleated air filters, air filter pads / rolls and bag / box air filters. The brand's air cleaners are used to keep the air healthy & odour-free and are capable of delivering airflow rates up to 2000 cfm. These cleaners deliver a maximum filtration rating and efficiency of 0.3 microns and 0.65, respectively.

Lab Safety Supply: Offering primarily lab supplies and equipment. The brand's ultrasonic cleaners are ideal for cleaning tasks, such as removing proteins, blood and contaminants from glassware & lab instruments; eliminating waxes, dirt, greases & oils from switches & gears and cleaning flux & contaminants from electronic devices.

Placing an Order

Do I need to provide just the Grainger code to get a quote?

Yes, just provide the Grainger part number(s) to us. Clients sometimes send us invalid Grainger part numbers; this is normally a case where a ‘B’ and ‘8’ is interchanged or an ‘O’ is mixed up for a ‘0’. Just double-check the part numbers before you ask for the quote!

How do I place an order?

Simplest way to place an order would be to search for the Grainger item code on our website and then complete your order online on our website. Alternatively, if you don't find the Grainger part number on our website, you can send us an RFQ via email / chat for the Grainger industrial items you need.

Once you have received our formal quotation, you can i) send a Purchase Order that reflects the pricing offered or ii) simply respond via Phone / Email that you wish to proceed with the quote offered. Raptor Supplies will then send you a Proforma Invoice for payment or offer you NET30 payment terms, subject to approval (UK / EU business customers only).

Do you have a MOQ for Grainger items?

We avoid hitting customers with minimum quantity thresholds, but there are times when an MOQ applies. This is primarily due to an MOQ that Grainger has instituted for a specific item. Examples of this would be purchases of tube lights, screws or pleated air filters, which are only sold in case / pack quantities.

Our goal is to get you delivery of the Grainger international products you need, not force you to buy unneeded quantities. But we do charge a minimum shipping fee as most orders are delivered via courier service. We ship via express carriers such as FedEx / TNT, DHL and UPS.

What about obsolete or discontinued Grainger catalogue items?

If you are looking for a Grainger part that is now discontinued or obsolete, we can often suggest the replacement Grainger model or comparable spec alternative from another US brand. Grainger parts becoming obsolete is a common problem for items such as motors or blowers, which tend to last a long time. Simply send a picture of your existing part number that shows any markings, nameplates, etc and we will respond with a quotation for the replacement item.

What documents can you provide for Grainger products?

Raptor Supplies can provide a number of certificates for Grainger items. These include Grainger certificate of conformity, OEM certificate of conformity and lot traceability certificates. Please note, any certificate requests need to be placed at the time of order. We cannot entertain any certification requests after an order has shipped or been delivered.

Do you sell to individuals?

Raptor Supplies, a trusted Grainger distributor sells primarily to business customers who need delivery of items they cannot buy locally. If you are an individual interested in receiving a quote, we entertain such requests on a case by case basis. We understand the usefulness of the Grainger catalogue to individuals around the world, but we are geared to serving the needs of business customers.

I received my order but I don't see the Grainger code on the item?

Grainger is a large industrial parts distributor that offers products that are primarily manufactured by other companies. This means that most Grainger products will list the OEM / manufacturer model number and might also show a white sticker on the product showing the Grainger catalogue part number.

Exceptions to this rule will be Grainger Approved and Grainger-owned brands such as Dayton, Speedaire, Tough Guy, etc where the Grainger code and manufacturer model number is the same.


What Grainger tools do we not ship via air?

There are a number of Grainger products for which we don’t offer air transport, including magnetic items, hazardous greases / fluids, items longer than 10 feet in length and products containing engines.

Magnetic items such as rare earth or ceramic magnets can interfere with aircraft so are not offered. Grainger greases or fluids that are classified as hazardous for air transport are also not available for sale. To check if we can offer a grease or fluid item, check the MSDS for the product. If Section 14 of the document under the IATA section lists “Not Regulated for Transport”, then we can offer a quote. Long items greater than 10 feet in length are problematic as couriers cannot ship these lengths and would then require shipment via air / sea freight.

Lastly, items with engines can be problematic to quote as we would need to confirm if they ship with any hydraulic fluids or oil / grease. This would require us to confirm the hazmat status of each fluid in an engine via an MSDS. We would be able to offer a sea freight quote for items containing engines.

Where do you offer delivery of Grainger industrial items?

We deliver Grainger part numbers to customers in Israel. Delivery terms are DDU / DAP (CPT in the case of air or sea freight), which means we ship Grainger products to your doorstep but any customs clearance charges are for the account of the customer.

Any orders whose end-user or destination is to OFAC-listed countries / entities will not be entertained as we follow all US laws and regulations related to export controls on US-manufactured items. We also reserve the right to request complete end-user destination information prior to the fulfilment of any order.

What shipment options do I have for Grainger items?

Orders are generally delivered via Fedex (IE or IP service), DHL or UPS, depending on the weight and value of the order. For bulkier / heavier shipments, we offer both air and sea freight options (DAP and CPT). When you request a quote, let us know what freight method you want to be quoted (particularly with heavy items).

Customers also have the option of EXW shipping terms and can ship their order using their own UPS / DHL / FedEx account or freight forwarder from our US warehouse location. In order to help you determine shipping charges should you decide to organize shipment, we will provide weight and dimensions info + pickup location details.

I need something urgently, how fast can you deliver?

Our standard delivery timeframe for orders delivered via courier is 1 week. We do offer express shipping options that can deliver orders to customers in Israel within 3 – 4 days via DHL. Alternatively, we offer pickup from our US warehouse within 1 day from order placement.

Please be aware, express shipment options are not available for any bulky orders due to the current supply constraints on air freight. Any order shipped via air freight will take up to two weeks to deliver.

What is your return / cancellation policy for Grainger items?

You can cancel any order prior to shipment for a full refund. Orders that have shipped can be returned within 15 days of delivery. If you wish to return your order, goods must be in brand new condition and in their original packaging. We also reserve the right to charge a 20% restocking fee for any return and freight charges are non-refundable.

For those customers who need assurance they have ordered the correct Grainger part, we can offer pictures of items ordered prior to shipment. If needed, please request this at order placement.

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