Raptor Supplies offers 800,000+ industrial supplies products across thousands of different American and European brands to meet your MRO needs. Our goal is to get our customers the MRO supplies they need quickly.

We have built exclusive relationships with a number of American MRO suppliers, including:

  • W.W. Grainger
  • Morse Drum
  • Wesco Manufacturing

Raptor Supplies can source any item from American or European MRO suppliers that is outside our online catalog. We also offer direct replacements for McMaster-Carr part numbers.

We can source old parts that are now obsolete and no longer manufactured by an OEM. A replacement part can be offered / surplus unit can be sourced.

Part numbers are sometimes discontinued or changed because a product line is stopped or the original supplier was acquired. Our research team can find a alternative part that cross references with the original part.

Air shipment of items such as lithium-ion batteries, aerosols and solvents without proper packaging and documentation is prohibited as per IATA regulations. Raptor Supplies can provide the necessary packaging and documents to ship hazardous goods via air. PLEASE NOTE: air shipping of hazmat items will incur significant shipping charges.

Items that exceed certain height or length thresholds cannot be shipped via standard air freight channels. This includes items greater than (i) 65” (165cm) in height that cannot be laid flat or (ii) 124” (300cm) in length. We have the logistics capabilities to ship such items quickly to customers via air cargo freighter.

  • Scheduled airline service (our standard delivery)
  • Air cargo freighter (for oversized / hazardous items)
  • Sea freight (for volume shipments that do not require fast delivery)
  • Express couriers

We can ship orders from the U.S. via Fedex direct to our customers who require delivery within 48 hours (valid for in stock items). Courier shipping charges are higher than our standard delivery charges, thus we encourage customers not to Fedex large or bulky items.

  • United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland
  • Northern Europe (France / Germany / Netherlands / Belgium / Luxembourg)
  • Scandanavia (Norway / Sweden / Denmark / Finland / Iceland)
  • Southern Europe (Spain / Portugal / Italy / Gibraltar)
  • United Kingdom: 4 – 7 days
  • Europe: 5 – 10 days
  • GCC: 7 – 10 days
  • Middle East: 7 – 10 days
  • Africa 7 – 10 days
  • Central Asia 7 – 10 days
  • Southeast Asia 7 – 10 days
  • UK & ROI: DDP
  • Europe: DDP
  • Central Asia: CIF / CPT nearest airport
  • GCC: CIF / CPT nearest airport
  • Middle East: CIF / CPT nearest airport
  • Africa: CIF / CPT nearest airport
  • Asia: CIF / CPT nearest airport

For those customers with their own freight forwarder arrangements, we can offer the following collection options

  • US: EX-WORKS (Charlotte, NC) or FCA
  • UK: EX-WORKS (London)

Raptor Supplies can arrange certificates of origin and document attestation for customers who require such documents for import purposes. Cost per certificate of origin is £80 plus £40 per amendment.

We can provide OEM certificates of conformity if required, which is often necessary for parts being used in aerospace or oil & gas environments. These certificates come free of charge but may increase the lead time on an order.

Orders can be placed online using our website and paid using a credit card. Customers can also pay using the Purchase Order option in the checkout section of our website. However, orders paid via Purchase Option will not ship until paid for or unless the customer has a credit account setup.

Customers can place orders with us via phone, including get product and availability info. Raptor Supplies also takes RFQ enquiries and purchase orders via email. Upon receipt of an order, a pro-forma invoice will be sent in the case of advance orders.

Business customers can submit purchase orders in line with their company’s procurement policies. Purchase orders can be submitted either online or via email.

Once an order is placed, Raptor Supplies will give customers an estimated delivery date via email. Upon final dispatch to the customer (generally via either Fedex or TNT Express), the tracking information will be sent by email to the customers.

We accept major credit cards (Visa / Mastercard / American Express), PayPal, BACS, international wire transfers and cheques (UK customers only). Unless otherwise stated, order terms are advance payment.

Prices on our website are listed in GBP. Credit account customers can also be invoiced in US dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR).

VAT is charged on all orders to all UK customers as well as EU customers without a business VAT number. EU business customers with a verified VAT number will have their transaction zero-rated for VAT.

Government entities such as US armed forces that can provide an VAT exemption certificate will not be charged VAT. Customers outside the EU requesting ex-works UK delivery terms will need to provide proof of export from their freight forwarder.

Raptor Supplies can offer eligible business customers with a 30-day credit account. Eligible business customers include:

  • UK and EU businesses with a VAT number
  • GCC companies
  • Large corporates

Approvals are given within 24 hours. Please contact Raptor Supplies for further details.