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Ear Clamps Stainless Steel



151 Series Stainless Steel 2 Ear Clamps

Oetiker 151 Series ear clamps are medium-pressure clamps that feature a double-ear design for extra grip and providing constant pressure around the hose, thereby making them suitable for handling thermal and vibrational expansion or contraction. They are made from anti-corrosive stainless steel to offer increased clamping range as compared to standard ear clamps, as well as provide additional durability. Oetiker stainless steel ear clamps feature deburred edges to prevent damage to the hose and have the capacity to deliver a degree of elasticity owing to thermal expansion or vibration, to accommodate changes in the size of the components or parts being joined. The visible deformation of these ear clamps provides evidence of their proper closure and the one piece configuration ensures a positive & tamper resistant seal. These steel ear clamps are available in sizes ranging from 3.1 mm to 46 mm and band thicknesses up to 0.394 inches. Raptor Supplies is a trusted supplier of Oetiker clamps.

StyleModelSize RangeBand WidthSize ReferencePack SizeBand ThicknessPrice
A151000003.1 mm to 4.1 mm0.27"0041R100-$1.20
A151000023.4 mm to 5 mm0.27"0305R100-$0.64
A151000013.5 mm to 4.5 mm0.27"0045R100-$0.64
A151000035 mm to 7 mm0.236"0507R1000.024"$0.79
A151000047 mm to 9 mm0.276"0709R1000.031"$0.86
A151000238 mm to 11 mm0.276"0811R1000.024"$0.86
A1510000611.1 mm to 13 mm0.276"1113R1000.024"$0.93
A1510000712.5 mm to 15 mm0.295"1315R1000.024"$0.92
A1510000814 mm to 17 mm0.315"1517R1000.031"$1.07
A1510000915 mm to 18 mm0.315"1518R1000.024"$1.13
A1510001016.2 mm to 20 mm0.335"1720R1000.024"$1.26
A1510001118.1 mm to 22 mm0.394"1922R1000.039"$1.29
A1510001219.1 mm to 23 mm0.354"2023R1000.024"$1.40
A1510001321.1 mm to 25 mm0.394"2225R1000.039"$1.45
A1510001422.5 mm to 27 mm0.394"2327R1000.024"$1.56
A1510001524 mm to 28 mm0.394"2528R1000.039"$1.59
A1510001626.3 mm to 31 mm0.394"2731R1000.024"$1.75
A1510001829.3 mm to 34 mm0.27"3134R100-$2.33
A1510001932 mm to 37 mm0.27"3437R100-$1.67
A1510002035 mm to 40 mm0.27"3740R100-$1.75
A1510002137.6 mm to 43 mm0.27"4043R100-$1.83
A1510002240.6 mm to 46 mm0.27"4346R100-$1.91

153 Series 1 Ear Clamps, Stainless Steel

What are Oetiker ear clamps?
Oetiker ear clamps are designed to connect a tube to a pipe or fitting (like a hose barb connection) without an adhesive. These non greased clamps are ideal for applications where leakage is a concern. By maintaining very low geometry, the closed ear increases clamping force and creates a spring effect when the hose material expands or contracts in response to thermal or mechanical influences such as temperature & vibration. These ear clamps are a great alternative to plastic securing clamps and zip ties.
Oetiker 153 Series single ear clamps are made of stainless steel and are spot welded instead of using a mechanical interlock, to offer superior structural stability and corrosion resistance. Once the bands have been pinched around the hose, the clamps are placed over the end of the connecting hose, tightening the band around the hose & creating a secure fit. To ensure that you have a proper fit, make sure that the ear clamp size is only slightly larger than the hose size. There should be a difference of 0.4 mm between the inside diameter of the clip and the overall diameter of the tube & fitting. It is recommended to use a single ear clamp when space is limited, and a double ear clamp when there is enough space. These Oetiker stainless steel ear clamps are integrated with a mechanical interlock for keeping the clamps securely closed and preventing corrosion due to spot welding closure of the clamps. They have uniquely formed, burr free strip edges for reducing the risk of damage to hoses or other parts being clamped. Raptor Supplies offers these Oetiker ear clamps in sizes ranging from 2.9 to 17.5 inches.

StyleModelSize RangeBand WidthSize ReferenceEar WidthPack SizePrice
A153000002.9 mm to 3.3 mm0.27"3.3 mm1.4 mm100$0.44
A153000013 mm to 3.5 mm0.27"3.5 mm1.4 mm100$0.89
A153000023.3 mm to 4.1 mm0.27"4.1 mm2.5 mm100$0.44
A153000543.7 mm to 4.6 mm0.27"4.6 mm3 mm100$0.81
A153000034.1 mm to 5.1 mm0.27"5.1 mm3.2 mm100$1.16
A153000554.6 mm to 5.6 mm0.27"5.6 mm3.2 mm100$1.18
A153000045.1 mm to 6.1 mm0.27"6.1 mm3.2 mm100$1.16
A153000055.6 mm to 6.6 mm0.27"6.6 mm3.2 mm100$0.46
A153000066.1 mm to 7 mm0.27"7 mm3 mm100$0.46
A153000076.5 mm to 7.5 mm0.27"7.5 mm3.5 mm100$1.16
A153000086.8 mm to 8 mm0.27"8 mm4 mm100$0.46
A153000107.5 mm to 8.7 mm0.27"8.7 mm4 mm100$0.46
A153000128.1 mm to 9.5 mm0.27"9.5 mm5 mm100$0.48
A153000138.5 mm to 10 mm0.27"10 mm5 mm100$0.48
A153000149.1 mm to 10.5 mm0.27"10.5 mm5 mm100$0.48
A153000159.3 mm to 11 mm0.27"11 mm5.5 mm100$0.48
A153000169.6 mm to 11.3 mm0.27"11.3 mm5.5 mm100$1.16
A1530001710.1 mm to 11.8 mm0.27"11.8 mm5.5 mm100$0.48
A1530001810.1 mm to 12 mm0.27"12 mm6.5 mm100$1.16
A1530001910.3 mm to 12.3 mm0.27"12.3 mm6.5 mm100$0.48
A1530002010.8 mm to 12.8 mm0.27"12.8 mm6.5 mm100$0.52
A1530002111.3 mm to 13.3 mm0.27"13.3 mm6.5 mm100$1.16
A1530002211.8 mm to 13.8 mm0.27"13.8 mm6.5 mm100$0.52
A1530002312 mm to 14 mm0.27"14 mm6.5 mm100$0.54
A1530002412.5 mm to 14.5 mm0.27"14.5 mm6.5 mm100$0.54

154 Series 1 Ear Clamps With Insert

Hose clamps with an insert (like Oetiker 154 Series stainless steel one ear clamps) are ideal for clamping hoses where a more secure hold is required, as compared to conventional clamps. These single ear clamps feature a thin walled insert ring to ensure near uniform compression around the circumference of the clamp and are suitable for applications involving soft or hard rubbers & plastics. The dimple or indentation on the ear of these clamps increases the clamping force to provide a tighter hold.
They are incorporated with a mechanical interlock for easily closing the clamps, and offer greater corrosion resistance than spot welded clamps. Additionally, these clamps are made from stainless steel, so they can resist corrosion and scaling. They are useful for applications such as food processing and commercial fishing, which involve exposure to corrosive elements, especially salt water. Models without inserts (Oetiker 153 Series single ear clamps) are also available on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelSize RangeBand WidthSize ReferenceEar WidthPack SizePrice
A154000102.5 mm to 2.9 mm0.27"03.3RER1.4 mm100$2.80
A154000112.7 mm to 3.1 mm0.27"03.5RER1.4 mm100$0.95
A154000122.9 mm to 3.7 mm0.27"04.1RER2.5 mm100$2.55
A154000633.3 mm to 4.2 mm0.27"04.6RER3 mm100$2.22
A154000133.7 mm to 4.7 mm0.27"05.1RER3.2 mm100$1.89
A154000644.2 mm to 5.2 mm0.27"05.6RER3.2 mm100$2.16
A154000144.7 mm to 5.7 mm0.27"06.1RER3.2 mm100$2.11
A154000155.2 mm to 6.2 mm0.27"06.6RER3.2 mm100$0.87
A154000165.6 mm to 6.5 mm0.27"07.0RER3 mm100$2.09
A154000175.9 mm to 7 mm0.27"07.5RER3.5 mm100$2.09
A154000186.3 mm to 7.5 mm0.27"08.0RER4 mm100$0.87
A154000196.6 mm to 7.8 mm0.27"08.3RER4 mm100$1.08
A154000207 mm to 8.2 mm0.27"08.7RER4 mm100$0.87
A154000217 mm to 8.5 mm0.27"09.0RER5 mm100$0.87
A154000227.5 mm to 9 mm0.27"09.5RER5 mm100$2.09
A154000238 mm to 9.5 mm0.27"10.0RER5 mm100$0.87
A154000248.5 mm to 10 mm0.27"10.5RER5 mm100$0.87
A154000258.8 mm to 10.5 mm0.27"11.0RER5.5 mm100$0.87
A154000269.1 mm to 10.8 mm0.27"11.3RER5.5 mm100$0.89
A154000289.5 mm to 11.5 mm0.27"12.0RER6.5 mm100$2.09
A154000279.6 mm to 11.3 mm0.27"11.8RER5.5 mm100$2.09
A154000299.8 mm to 11.8 mm0.27"12.3RER6.5 mm100$0.89
A1540003010.3 mm to 12.3 mm0.27"12.8RER6.5 mm100$2.09
A1540003110.6 mm to 12.6 mm0.27"13.3RER6.5 mm100$0.92
A1540003211.1 mm to 13.1 mm0.27"13.8RER6.5 mm100$0.92

155 Series Stainless 1 Ear Clamps With Mechanical Interlock

Oetiker ear clamps are designed to provide dependable and semi-permanent clamping of hoses in the petrochemical, hydraulic & automotive industries. These ear clamps are ideal for use in cross linked polyethene (PEX) tubing & water supply piping systems. They feature visible deformation to provide indication of proper closure and a dimple to deliver maximum clamping force. They are available in variants having single or double ears. Users should choose a single ear clamp if they want to achieve uniform compression around the hose / tube, and a double ear variant for extended clamping range, when dealing with materials that are vulnerable to thermal expansion or contraction.
Oetiker 155 Series ear clamps are equipped with a single ear for quick installation & clamping. They are made of stainless steel, chromium & nickel for structural strength, corrosion resistance & durability. These 155 Series ear clamps are integrated with a mechanical interlock for securely closing the clamps and preventing corrosion associated with spot welding closure of the clamps. They have specially formed, burr free strip edges with 7 mm band width & 0.6 mm thickness to reduce damage to the hoses being clamped. Raptor Supplies offers these Oetiker stainless steel clamps in clamping width range of 8.9 to 99.5 inches. We also supply these ear clamps in galvanised steel construction for mild corrosion resistance & ductility.

StyleModelSize RangeBand WidthSize ReferenceEar WidthPack SizePrice
A155000008.9 mm to 10.5 mm0.27"105 mm5 mm100$0.29
A155000019.7 mm to 11.3 mm0.27"113 mm5 mm100$0.29
A1550000210.4 mm to 12.3 mm0.27"123 mm6 mm100$0.30
A1550000311.4 mm to 13.3 mm0.27"133 mm6 mm100$1.13
A1550000611.9 mm to 14 mm0.27"140 mm6.5 mm100$0.31
A1550000712.6 mm to 14.5 mm0.27"145 mm6 mm100$1.13
A1550007112.6 mm to 15.2 mm0.27"152 mm-100$0.32
A1550000813.8 mm to 15.7 mm0.27"157 mm7 mm100$1.13
A1550007213.9 mm to 16.5 mm0.27"165 mm-100$0.32
A1550000915.1 mm to 17 mm0.27"170 mm6 mm100$0.32
A1550001015.7 mm to 18.5 mm0.27"185 mm9 mm100$1.15
A1550001117 mm to 19.8 mm0.27"198 mm9 mm100$1.15
A1550001218.2 mm to 21 mm0.27"210 mm9 mm100$1.15
A1550001319.8 mm to 22.6 mm0.27"226 mm9 mm100$0.36
A1550001421.3 mm to 24.1 mm0.27"241 mm9 mm100$1.80
A1550001522.8 mm to 25.6 mm0.27"256 mm9 mm100$0.82
A1550001624 mm to 27.1 mm0.27"271 mm10 mm100$1.15
A1550001725.5 mm to 28.6 mm0.27"286 mm10 mm100$1.15
A1550001827 mm to 30.1 mm0.27"301 mm10 mm100$0.40
A1550001928.5 mm to 31.6 mm0.27"316 mm10 mm100$1.15
A1550002030 mm to 33.1 mm0.27"331 mm10 mm100$1.15
A1550002131.5 mm to 34.6 mm0.27"346 mm10 mm100$1.15
A1550002233 mm to 36.1 mm0.27"361 mm10 mm100$2.64
A1550002334.5 mm to 37.6 mm0.27"376 mm10 mm100$0.45
A1550002435 mm to 38.1 mm0.27"381 mm10 mm100$0.46

159 Series Adjustable Clamps, Stainless Steel Band

What are adjustable hose clamps?
Adjustable hose clamps are useful for attaching a hose to a fitting / nipple so that the liquid inside the hose can successfully move from one area to another, without spilling or leaking. These small, circular clamps are made from aluminium or similar thin metals, and can be tightened with a small screw. They can also be used as optional tools for cable ties or duct tape.
Oetiker 159 Series adjustable clamps are incorporated with Connecting technology, making them ideal for soft materials. These clamps allow a veriety of engagement positions and can be adjusted to several nominal diameters. These ear clamps are designed for simple and fast installation. The visible deformation of the ear provides evidence of proper closure while connecting PEX tubing to plastic fittings in coffee & vending machines. Oetiker 159 Series adjustable clamps feature burr-free edges to reduce the risk of damage to parts being clamped. These clamps form a uniform seal by maintaining their shape when installed. They feature an inner ring with radial guidance for providing all round sealing.

StyleModelSize RangeLock TypeBand WidthPack SizePrice
A1590000225 mm to 50 mmOutside Interlock0.27"100$0.44
A1590000525 mm to 50 mmInside Interlock0.27"100$0.44
A1590000440 mm to 110 mmOutside Interlock0.27"100$0.61
A1590000740 mm to 110 mmInside Interlock0.27"100$1.23

167 Series Stepless Ear Clamps

Oetiker 167 Series stepless ear clamps feature a standard ear size requiring an installation tool for mounting. They feature stainless steel construction to resist corrosion and ensure 360 degree, uniform compression & surface pressure. These ear style clamps have a patented PEXGrip plumbing connection that grips the tube for easy, fast & secure installation. It also prevents the clamp from sliding. The special design of Oetiker 167 Series stepless clamps overlaps and / or eliminates the inner circumference of the unit to provide an optimum, leak free seal & perfect roundness. Furthermore, the tongue-in-groove (tongue residing in groove) design exerts pressure on the assembled parts to enable the unit to apply repetitive radial force completely around the diameter of the connection.
Raptor Supplies is a trusted supplier of Oetiker clamps that provide a secure connection to components or parts being joined, while handling thermal and vibrational expansion or contraction.

StyleModelSize RangeBand WidthSize ReferenceBand DimensionEar WidthPack SizePrice
A167024885.3 mm to 6.5 mm0.19"6.5-505R5 x 0.5 mm4 mm100$1.38
A167000015.8 mm to 7 mm0.19"7.0-505R5 x 0.5 mm4 mm100$0.65
A167000026.8 mm to 8 mm0.19"8.0-505R5 x 0.5 mm4 mm100$1.13
A167000037 mm to 8.7 mm0.19"8.7-505R5 x 0.5 mm5.5 mm100$1.13
A167000047.8 mm to 9.5 mm0.197"9.5-505R5 x 0.5 mm5.5 mm100$0.72
A167000058.3 mm to 10 mm0.197"10.0-505R5 x 0.5 mm5.5 mm100$0.58
A167000068.8 mm to 10.5 mm0.197"10.5-505R5 x 0.5 mm5.5 mm100$0.72
A167024929.2 mm to 10.9 mm0.197"10.9-505R5 x 0.5 mm5.5 mm100$0.72
A167000079.6 mm to 11.3 mm0.197"11.3-505R5 x 0.5 mm5.5 mm100$0.72
A167009929.8 mm to 12.3 mm0.276"12.3 mm7 x 0.6 mm-100$0.73
A167000099.8 mm to 12.3 mm0.276"12.3-706R7 x 0.6 mm8 mm100$0.73
A1670000810.1 mm to 11.8 mm0.197"11.8-505R5 x 0.5 mm5.5 mm100$0.72
A1670249010.3 mm to 12.8 mm0.276"12.8 mm7 x 0.6 mm-100$0.73
A1670249310.3 mm to 12.8 mm0.276"12.8-706R7 x 0.6 mm8 mm100$0.73
A1670001010.8 mm to 13.3 mm0.276"13.3-706R7 x 0.6 mm8 mm100$0.73
A1670099310.8 mm to 13.3 mm0.276"13.3 mm7 x 0.6 mm-100$0.73
A1670001111.3 mm to 13.8 mm0.276"13.8-706R7 x 0.6 mm8 mm100$0.73
A1670001211.5 mm to 14 mm0.27"14.0-706R7 x 0.6 mm8 mm100$1.13
A1670099711.5 mm to 14 mm0.276"14 mm7 x 0.6 mm-100$0.72
A1670001312 mm to 14.5 mm0.27"14.5-706R7 x 0.6 mm8 mm100$0.82
A1670099912 mm to 14.5 mm0.276"14.5 mm7 x 0.6 mm-100$0.74
A1670001512.8 mm to 15.3 mm0.276"15.3-706R7 x 0.6 mm8 mm100$0.74
A1670001613.2 mm to 15.7 mm0.27"15.7-706R7 x 0.6 mm8 mm100$1.24
A1670100513.2 mm to 15.7 mm0.276"15.7 mm7 x 0.6 mm-100$0.75
A1670249413.7 mm to 16.2 mm0.276"16.2-706R7 x 0.6 mm8 mm100$0.74

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