SALISBURY E0011B/7 Electrical Gloves Size 7 Black Pr
  • Model: E0011B/7
  • Item: AB4DXD
  • Cross: 1XDT8


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SALISBURY | E0011B/7 | AB4DXD | 1XDT8 | Electrical Gloves
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    Product Specifications:

    ItemElectrical Gloves
    AC Max. Use Voltage500
    AC Test Voltage2500
    MaterialNatural Rubber

    Shipping Info:

    Ship weight (kg) 0.1
    Ship height (cm)6.35
    Ship length (cm)30.48
    Ship width (cm)20.32
    HS code4015191050
    Country of OriginUS

    Product Series:

    Salisbury electrical gloves are designed to protect workers from electric arcs or flashes while handling electrical boxes, conduits and junction boxes. Made from rubber / natural rubber, these Salisbury high voltage gloves are extremely flexible, which makes them an ideal choice when working with small, intricate components. Salisbury rubber gloves exceed ASTM D120 and IEC EN60903 standards, and are proof-tested individually under DC (2500 V) and AC (10000 V) conditions. These Class 00 electrical gloves are capable of withstanding a maximum voltage of 500 volts. Choose from a wide range of these gloves available in different colours and sizes, on Raptor Supplies.

    Brand Overview:

    Salisbury, by Honeywell, is an industry leader in electrical safety equipment manufacturing. It offers a complete line of personal electrical safety products to help protect workers from electric shocks, spark and electrocution. The company's product catalogue includes protective clothing, blankets, boots, gloves, face shields, lenses, insulated tools, kits and accessories. Salisbury electrical gloves offer great flexibility and are widely used for providing protection against electric shocks and sparks. The brand's Class 00 gloves are made from highly insulated rubber and are capable of withstanding up to 750 DC volts when worn with leather protectors. Salisbury arc flash protection clothing kits fall under hazard risk category 2 or 4 and feature ATPV ratings up to 40 cal/cm2 to at least survive a second-degree burn injury.
    All Salisbury tools and products, including switchboard mats, grounding equipment, rescue tools and voltage detectors, are NFPA 70E, ASTM and OSHA certified. Choose from a wide range of these Salisbury safety products on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand.

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    Model: E0011B/7Item: AB4DXDCross: 1XDT8