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Shim Stock Assortments

Shims are extensively used in steel mills, paper mills, chemical and power plants, and refineries to fill gaps / small spaces between two objects and provide a levelled surface. They can be made application-specific using different shim stocks.
Raptor Supplies offers high-quality shims and shim stocks from leading manufacturers like Precision Brand, Maudlin Products and Disco. These products are available in stainless steel, low carbon steel, spring steel, alloy brass, polyester, PVC and zinc. Choose from a wide range of arbor shim, body shim, slotted shim, arbor spacer, die button shim, lengthening shim and shortening shim assortments based on the number of pieces and different bolt sizes and lengths.

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Slotted Shim Assortment

Slotted Shim Assortment

  • Item: AJ3UZC
  • £151.01 - £1,401.94 (ex. VAT)
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