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Screw Clamps



174 Series Universal Clamps, Stainless Steel

Oetiker 174 Series universal clamps are ideal for unpressurised retaining functions for filters, dust bags & induction hoses. These clamps are recommended for applications that involve hose tightening around a fitting, within a car engine or an industrial machinery unit. Oetiker 174 Series universal clamps feature a uniquely designed band edge for reducing the risk of damage to the hose. These universal clamps are made of stainless steel for structural rigidity & resisting corrosion on exposed surfaces, and feature small perforations to engage and keep the clamp locking mechanism in position once tightened.

StyleModelSizeBand TypeBand WidthSize ReferencePack SizePrice
A1740006710 mPerforated Steel Band0.39"501R331$85.04
A1740005910 mPerforated Steel Band0.27"507R331$80.04
A1740006010 mPerforated Steel Band0.35"509R331$85.04
A1740004122.6 mm to 32 mmSteel Band0.27"706R21$2.07
A1740004930 mPerforated Steel Band0.35"509R1001$214.69
A1740005230 mPerforated Steel Band0.27"507R1001$204.69
A1740005730 mPerforated Steel Band0.39"501R1001$215.53
A1740004232 mm And LargerSteel Band0.27"706R31$2.62
A1740004443 mmSteel Band0.27"540RS7100-
A1740000043 mmSteel Band0.27"540R7100-
A1740000344 mm to 63 mmSteel Band0.39"540R10-1$11.25
A1740006344 mm to 63 mmSteel Band0.39"504R60-1$12.92
A1740000150 mmSteel Band0.35"540R91$12.92
A1740004750 mmSteel Band0.35"540RS91$12.92
A1740006460 mm And LargerSteel Band0.39"504R60+1$11.25
A1740000260 mm And LargerSteel Band0.39"540R10+1$13.76
A17400053152 mPerforated Steel Band0.27"507R5001$857.49
A17400058152 mPerforated Steel Band0.39"501R5001$929.20
A17400050152 mPerforated Steel Band0.35"509R5001$929.20

178 Series Stepless Screw Clamps, Stainless Steel

Oetiker screw clamps are ideal for mounting, clamping, strapping and positioning a wire or hose. These screw clamps attach hoses and tubing to fittings to prevent leakage of liquids, air or gases in applications like commercial fishing and food processing, which involve exposure to salt water. Oetiker 178 Series StepLess screw clamps are made of stainless steel for resisting corrosion on exposed surfaces and feature a screw type tightening mechanism that enables them to fit into a wider range of hose diameters, in comparison with similarly sized ear clamps. The tightening mechanism is self tensioning to accommodate variations in diameter due to thermal cycles.
As their name suggests, these clamps feature a StepLess design to eliminate steps and overlaps on the clamp's inner circumference to provide a leak free seal and consistent 360 degree pressure. They have burr free strip edges which provide complete protection of clamped parts from scarring or mechanical damages. Oetiker 178 Series StepLess screw clamps are made from strip material having 9 mm width and 0.6 mm thickness. The dimensions of these strips provide optimum sealing with silicone hoses & EPDM rubber, while taking into account the compressibility of the hose, sealing or retaining properties, necessary radial force and environmental conditions. Oetiker 178 Series clamps come equipped with a mechanical interlock to provide secure retention of the round clamp geometry.

StyleModelSize RangeTypeBand WidthSize ReferencePack SizePrice
A1780017018 mm to 24 mmStepless Self Tensioning0.375"024S910$6.52
A1780012019 mm to 24 mmStepless0.35"0249100$6.51
A1780012121 mm to 26 mmStepless0.35"0269100$6.51
A1780017121 mm to 26 mmStepless Self Tensioning0.35"026S9100$7.81
A1780017222 mm to 28 mmStepless Self Tensioning0.375"028S910$9.32
A1780012223 mm to 28 mmStepless0.35"0289100$5.36
A1780012326 mm to 31 mmStepless0.35"0319100$6.51
A1780017326 mm to 31 mmStepless Self Tensioning0.35"031S9100$7.81
A1780012427 mm to 32 mmStepless0.35"0329100$6.51
A1780017427 mm to 32 mmStepless Self Tensioning0.35"032S9100$5.98
A1780017530 mm to 36 mmStepless Self Tensioning0.375"036S910$9.32
A1780012531 mm to 36 mmStepless0.35"0369100$5.36
A1780017634 mm to 40 mmStepless Self Tensioning0.375"040S910$9.32
A1780012635 mm to 40 mmStepless0.35"0409100$6.51
B1780017737.5 mm - 45 mmSelf Tensioning Stepless Screw Clamps0.375"045S910-
A1780012738.5 mm to 45 mmStepless0.35"0459100$5.78
A1780017843.5 mm to 50 mmStepless Self Tensioning0.35"050S9100$8.46
A1780012843.5 mm to 50 mmStepless0.35"0509100$7.37
A1780012948.5 mm to 55 mmStepless0.35"0559100$7.37
A1780017948.5 mm to 55 mmStepless Self Tensioning0.35"055S9100$8.46
A1780018050 mm to 60 mmStepless Self Tensioning0.35"060S9100$6.38
A1780013050 mm to 60 mmStepless0.35"0609100$7.59
A1780013155 mm to 65 mmStepless0.35"0659100$7.59
A1780018155 mm to 65 mmStepless Self Tensioning0.35"065S9100$6.38
A1780013260 mm to 70 mmStepless0.35"070950$7.59

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