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LOVEJOY Jaw Coupling Spiders

Lovejoy jaw coupling spiders are engineered to transfer torque and rotation from one shaft to another. These Lovejoy couplings can accommodate misaligned shafts, and secure them from damage due to damping & vibrations. Lovejoy spider couplings are available in L, AL and LC types, as well as bronze, Hytrel, polyurethane, SOX (NBR), rubber and stainless steel construction variants.


Lovejoy coupling spiders are ideal for transferring and absorbing load from coupling hubs connected to shafts for power transmission applications. These spiders are ideal for blowers, compressors, gear boxes, pumps, conveyors, and mixers.


L Type Spiders, Open Center

StyleModelCoupling SizeMaterialMax. BoreColorNominal TorqueNormal Temperature RANGEPrice
A68514410198L050Bronze-Bronze50 In.Lbs.-40 to 450°F$28.49
B68514425308L070Hytrel-Tan114 In.Lbs.-60 to 250°F$24.89
A68514410409L070Bronze-Bronze114 In.Lbs.-40 to 450°F$33.40
C68514410411L070Urethane-Blue65 In.Lbs.-30 to 160°F$17.15
D68514410393L070SOX (NBR) Rubber-Black43.2 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$11.67
E68514410620L075, AL075SOX (NBR) Rubber-Black90 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$15.64
C68514410626L075, AL075Urethane-Blue135 In.Lbs.-30 to 160°F$9.75
A68514410624L075, AL075Bronze-Bronze227 In.Lbs.-40 to 450°F$49.84
B68514425309L075, AL075Hytrel-Tan227 In.Lbs.-60 to 250°F$34.35
B68514425310L090, L095, AL090, AL095Hytrel-Tan401 to 561 In.Lbs.-60 to 250°F$43.80
A68514411073L090, L095, AL090, AL095Bronze-Bronze401 to 561 In.Lbs.-40 to 450°F$54.38
C68514411075L090, L095, AL090, AL095Urethane-Blue216 to 291 In.Lbs.-30 to 160°F$25.84
E68514410968L090, L095, AL090, AL095SOX (NBR) Rubber-Black144 to 194 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$18.47
C68514411499L099, L100, AL099, AL100Urethane-Blue477 to 626 In.Lbs.-30 to 160°F$58.16
E68514411492L099, L100, AL099, AL100SOX (NBR) Rubber-Black318 to 417 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$32.27
A68514411497L099, L100, AL099, AL100Bronze-Bronze792 to 1134 In.Lbs.-40 to 450°F$77.44
B68514411486L099, L100, AL099, AL100Hytrel-Tan792 to 1134 In.Lbs.-60 to 250°F$95.95
C68514411729L110, AL110Urethane-Blue1188 In.Lbs.-30 to 160°F$105.02
B68514438097L110, AL110Hytrel-Tan2268 In.Lbs.-60 to 250°F$114.85
A68514411727L110, AL110Bronze-Bronze2268 In.Lbs.-40 to 450°F$91.80
E68514411711L110, AL110SOX (NBR) Rubber-Black792 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$30.24
E68514437880L150SOX (NBR) Rubber-Black1240 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$49.45
F68514438098L150Hytrel-Tan3708 In.Lbs.-60 to 250°F$136.76
C68514412006L150Urethane-Blue1860 In.Lbs.-30 to 160°F$125.80
A68514412004L150Bronze-Bronze3706 In.Lbs.-40 to 450°F$281.89

L Type Spiders, Solid Centers

StyleModelCoupling SizeMaterialColorNominal TorqueNormal Temperature RANGEPrice
A68514410118L035SOX (NBR) RubberBlack3.5 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$8.84
A68514410119L035SOX (NBR) RubberBlack3.5 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$8.84
B68514425307L050HytrelTan50 In.Lbs.-60 to 250°F$19.42
A68514410194L050SOX (NBR) RubberBlack26.3 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$9.96
A68514410199L050SOX (NBR) RubberBlack26.3 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$3.96
A68514410197L050SOX (NBR) RubberBlack26.3 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$9.96
C68514437786L050UrethaneBlue39 In.Lbs.-30 to 160°F$22.05
A68514410391L070SOX (NBR) RubberBlack43.2 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$11.67
C68514410395L070UrethaneBlue65 In.Lbs.-30 to 160°F$17.15
A68514410406L070SOX (NBR) RubberBlack43.2 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$11.67
A68514410621L075, AL075SOX (NBR) RubberBlack90 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$15.64
A68514410622L075, AL075SOX (NBR) RubberBlack90 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$9.64
C68514411070L090, L095, AL090, AL095SOX (NBR) RubberBlack144 to 194 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$18.47
A68514411494L099, L100, AL099, AL100SOX (NBR) RubberBlack318 to 417 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$32.27
C68514411724L110, AL110SOX (NBR) RubberBlack792 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$36.24
B68514411717L110, AL110HytrelTan2268 In.Lbs.-60 to 250°F$114.85
B68514411993L150HytrelTan3708 In.Lbs.-60 to 250°F$136.76
A68514412001L150SOX (NBR) RubberBlack1240 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$49.45
A68514412274L190SOX (NBR) RubberBlack1728 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$58.91
B68514412265L190HytrelTan4680 In.Lbs.-60 to 250°F$160.20
B68514412401L225HytrelTan6228 In.Lbs.-60 to 250°F$187.04
A68514412409L225SOX (NBR) RubberBlack2340 In.Lbs.-40 to 212°F$69.31

CJ Series Spiders

StyleModelSpider SizeMaterialColorNominal TorqueSpider TYPECoupling TYPEStyleTemp. RANGEPrice
A6851446144614PolyurethaneYellow66 In.Lbs.92 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-50 to 248°F$6.62
B6851446206714PolyurethaneRed111 In.Lbs.98 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-40 to 248°F$6.62
A6851446144719PolyurethaneYellow88 In.Lbs.92 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-50 to 248°F$15.64
C6851446146119PolyurethaneBlue43 In.Lbs.80 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-40 to 248°F$9.64
A6851446144824PolyurethaneYellow310 In.Lbs.92 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-50 to 248°F$17.35
C6851446146224PolyurethaneBlue530 In.Lbs.80 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-40 to 248°F$11.35
B6851446206924PolyurethaneRed530 In.Lbs.98 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-40 to 248°F$17.35
B6851446207028PolyurethaneRed1415 In.Lbs.98 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-40 to 248°F$20.93
D6851447225828PolyurethaneGreen1770 In.Lbs.64 Shore DElastomeric InsertOpen-30 to 266°F$35.91
C6851446146328PolyurethaneBlue407 In.Lbs.80 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-40 to 248°F$14.93
A6851446144928PolyurethaneYellow840 In.Lbs.92 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-50 to 248°F$20.93
B6851446207138PolyurethaneRed2875 In.Lbs.98 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-40 to 248°F$27.40
A6851446145038PolyurethaneYellow1680 In.Lbs.92 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-50 to 248°F$27.40
D6851447225938PolyurethaneGreen3585 In.Lbs.64 Shore DElastomeric InsertOpen-30 to 266°F$72.15
B6851446207242PolyurethaneRed3980 In.Lbs.98 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-40 to 248°F$37.80
C6851446146542PolyurethaneBlue823 In.Lbs.80 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-40 to 248°F$37.80
A6851446145142PolyurethaneYellow2345 In.Lbs.92 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-50 to 248°F$43.80
B6851446207348PolyurethaneRed4645 In.Lbs.98 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-40 to 248°F$47.24
D6851447226148PolyurethaneGreen5795 In.Lbs.64 Shore DElastomeric InsertOpen-30 to 266°F$113.38
C6851446146648PolyurethaneBlue-80 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-40 to 248°F$47.24
A6851446145248PolyurethaneYellow2740 In.Lbs.92 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-50 to 248°F$47.24
B6851446207455PolyurethaneRed6060 In.Lbs.98 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-40 to 248°F$66.47
D6851447226255PolyurethaneGreen7300 In.Lbs.64 Shore DElastomeric InsertOpen-30 to 266°F$145.51
A6851446145355PolyurethaneYellow3625 In.Lbs.92 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-50 to 248°F$66.47
B6851446207565PolyurethaneRed8320 In.Lbs.95 Shore AElastomeric InsertOpen-40 to 248°F$109.93

GS Series Elastomeric Spiders

StyleModelSpider SizeMaterialColorNominal TorqueSpider TYPEStyleRadial StiffnessCoupling Bolt SizePrice
A6851446724914UrethaneRed110.6 In.Lbs.98 Shore ASolid3452 In.Lbs.M3$17.95
B6851447224214UrethaneGreen141.6 In.Lbs.64 Shore DSolid4892 In.Lbs.M3$43.45
A6851446725119UrethaneRed150.5 In.Lbs.98 Shore ASolid11487 In.Lbs.M6$28.91
C6851446725224UrethaneYellow309.8 In.Lbs.92 Shore ASolid8458 In.Lbs.M6$34.02
B6851447224524UrethaneGreen663.8 In.Lbs.64 Shore DSolid21123 In.Lbs.M6$81.25
A6851446725324UrethaneRed531 In.Lbs.98 Shore ASolid14630 In.Lbs.M6$34.02
A6851446725528UrethaneRed1416 In.Lbs.98 Shore ASolid18288 In.Lbs.M8$37.80
B6851447224628UrethaneGreen1770 In.Lbs.64 Shore DSolid24849 In.Lbs.M8$90.71
D6851446725428UrethaneYellow840.8 In.Lbs.92 Shore ASolid10173 In.Lbs.M8$37.80
D6851446725638UrethaneYellow1681 In.Lbs.92 Shore ASolid12430 In.Lbs.M8$54.80
A6851446725738UrethaneRed2876 In.Lbs.98 Shore ASolid25146 In.Lbs.M8$60.80
B6851447224738UrethaneGreen3584 In.Lbs.64 Shore DSolid36999 In.Lbs.M8$132.27
C6851446725842UrethaneYellow2345 In.Lbs.92 Shore ASolid13887 In.Lbs.M8$81.58
B6851447224842UrethaneGreen4956 In.Lbs.64 Shore DSolid41548 In.Lbs.M8$181.42
A6851446726148UrethaneRed4646 In.Lbs.98 Shore ASolid33890 In.Lbs.M10$94.49
C6851446726048UrethaneYellow2743 In.Lbs.92 Shore ASolid14745 In.Lbs.M10$94.49
StyleModelHub StyleMaterialCoupling SizeCoupling Nominal TorqueStyleCoupling TYPEColorCubic inchesPrice
A685144717141UrethaneCS28518760 In.Lbs.WrapJaw In-ShearBlue88.209 Cu.In.$798.00
A685144717061UrethaneLS090, LS095335 In.Lbs.WrapJaw In-ShearBlue1.8944 Cu.In.$66.00
A685144717081UrethaneLS1101090 In.Lbs.WrapJaw In-ShearBlue8.41 Cu.In.$102.38
A685144717091UrethaneLS1501810 In.Lbs.WrapJaw In-ShearBlue13.714 Cu.In.$132.62
A685144717102UrethaneLS1902920 In.Lbs.WrapJaw In-ShearBlue16.0825 Cu.In.$198.75

Snap Wrap, Flexible Spiders

Lovejoy snap wrap spider couplings provide shaft-to-shaft connection for power transmission and accommodating parallel & angular misalignment in industrial machinery, electric motors & compressors. These jaw couplings feature radially removable elastomeric cushions for ease-of-maintenance and no metal to metal contact for wear minimisation. SOX (NBR) rubber / urethane construction provides resistance against oil, sand, dirt, grease & moisture while ensuring fail-safe operation, even upon elastomeric cushion failure. These snap wrap spiders are capable of delivering torque up to 3510 inch-lb and the collar configuration of these snap wrap spiders can achieve the same speed as standard couplings since the collar is attached to one hub. Raptor Supplies, a trusted distributor of Lovejoy snap wrap spiders, also offers coupling spacers, jaw couplings, sleeve gear couplings, gaskets, hydraulic tanks and related accessories.

StyleModelCoupling SizeMaterialTorqueCoupling TYPEStyleColorAngular MisalignmentShore HardnessPrice
A68514428284L190Urethane2592 In.Lbs.JawSolid RingBlue55D, L050 - L110, 90 - 95A, L150 - L233$162.53
B68514426093L225Urethane3510 In.Lbs.JawSolid RingBlue55D, L050 - L110, 90 - 95A, L150 - L235$169.65
A68514412413LT225Urethane3510 In.Lbs.JawSolidBlue55D, L050 - L110, 90 - 95A, L150 - L236$163.98
B68514424669SW090, SW095SOX (NBR) Rubber144 In.Lbs.JawSnap Wrap with RingBlack80A$46.44
B68514411071SW090, SW095SOX (NBR) Rubber144 In.Lbs.JawSnap Wrap without RingBlack80A$29.80
B68514411495SW099, SW100SOX (NBR) Rubber318 In.Lbs.JawSnap Wrap without RingBlack80A$44.93
B68514424670SW099, SW100SOX (NBR) Rubber318 In.Lbs.JawSnap Wrap with RingBlack80A$61.56
A68514441170SW099, SW100Urethane477 In.Lbs.JawSolid RingBlue55D, L050 - L110, 90 - 95A, L150 - L237$100.49
B68514411725SW110SOX (NBR) Rubber792 In.Lbs.JawSnap Wrap without RingBlack80A$53.24
B68514424671SW110SOX (NBR) Rubber792 In.Lbs.JawSnap Wrap with RingBlack80A$74.04
C68514424672SW150SOX (NBR) Rubber1240 In.Lbs.JawSnap Wrap with RingBlack80A$116.75
C68514412002SW150SOX (NBR) Rubber1240 In.Lbs.JawSnap Wrap without RingBlack80A$61.93
B68514412275SW190SOX (NBR) Rubber1728 In.Lbs.JawSnap Wrap without RingBlack80A$72.15
B68514424673SW190SOX (NBR) Rubber1728 In.Lbs.JawSnap Wrap with RingBlack80A$171.91

In-Shear Spider, 5 Inch Outside Dia., 8400 in-lbs Torque, LS225 Size


Spider, SOX NBR, Solid, AL150 Size, 80A Shore Hardness, Jaw Coupling Type



  • They have bronze / Hytrel / SOX rubber / urethane / polyurethane construction for absorbing the torque and pressure generated by shafts with ease while minimising the wear of coupling hubs.
  • Selected models have a solid centre design for keeping the shafts of driven and driver equipment separate by a safe gap.

Working Mechanism

  • These spiders have multiple teeth like sections that fit in between two coupling hubs.
  • The coupling hubs are connected to two shafts that are misaligned (parallel / angular).
  • These spiders absorb the pressure generated by the driver shaft through one coupling and transfer the pressure to the coupling hub connected to the driven shaft.
  • Their design also prevents the coupling hubs from making metal to metal contact.

Standards and Approvals

  • ISO 9001:2008

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a spider in a coupling?

Lovejoy jaw couplings are composed of three parts, i.e. an elastomer insert known as a spider and two metallic hubs on both the sides. These three separate parts are pressed together with the help of a jaw from each hub, both of which are fitted alternately with the lobes of the spider to form a Lovejoy spider coupling.

How do you install a spider coupling?

  • Before installing the hubs on the shaft, slide the retaining collar onto either shaft.
  • Insert the key into the keyway. Make sure that the key fits snugly in the keyway, with minimal side to side movement.
  • Slide a hub on each of the shafts over the keys and align the face of the hub with the end of the shaft.
  • Using a calibrated torque wrench, tighten the set screws.
  • Check alignment using either straight edge method or a dial indicator taking measurements at four locations 90 degrees apart.
  • Wrap the spider (in case of jaw in-shear units) around the hubs and insert a leg of the spider into each space between the coupling jaws.
  • Align the pins on the side of the collar with the grooves in the spider.
  • Recheck set screws for tightness and recheck the axial & angular alignment for accuracy.
  • Remove any material and tooling away from the coupling and shafts. Install the appropriate coupling guard as per OSHA requirements.
For a clear Lovejoy spider coupling installation manual, check out the following link:

Why is a spider used in a coupling?

The spider determines the torque rating of a coupling. It also affects the coupling's response to temperature, vibration, misalignment, chemicals and high speed. Lovejoy coupling spiders provide ease of installation of the coupling.

What is the significance of the colours of Lovejoy spiders?

  • Black - Lovejoy spiders with 80 Shore A hardness ensuring excellent damping properties.
  • Yellow - Spiders with 92 Shore A hardness used in hydraulic applications.
  • Red - Lovejoy coupling spiders with 95 / 98 Shore A hardness suitable in high torque applications.
  • Green - Lovejoy spiders with 64 Shore D hardness for humid environments.
  • Blue - Lovejoy spiders with 92 & 95 Shore A hardness for chemical resistance and high torque capabilities.
  • Tan / Bronze - Lovejoy coupling spiders with 55 Shore D hardness to ensure excellent chemical resistance.

What is the difference between open center & solid center Lovejoy spider designs?

The open center design of Lovejoy coupling spiders is suitable in close BE situations (distance between ends of driven and driving shafts), where units must be positioned as closely together as possible. However, this design has no full-diameter support, as the spider's legs are joined only by a thin segment of material. It has speed limitations up to 1750 rpm for NBR and 3600 rpm for Urethane / Hytrel.
The solid center design of Lovejoy spiders is suitable for general power transmission applications where the BE dimension will remain fairly constant and will be capable of affording a suitable gap.

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