Gasket Cutters


Allpax gasket cutters & kits are designed to fabricate precise flange gaskets and circular joints. They efficiently & quickly cut materials like brass, steel, chrome, leather, cork, Teflon, rubber, plastic, PTFE and vulcanised fibre in maintenance & repair applications.


6000 Series Heavy Duty Gasket Cutter Kits With Cutting Board

StyleModelMaximum Cutting DiameterMinimum Cutting DiameterUsed ForNo Of PiecesSystem of MeasurementMax. Work ThicknessPrice (ex. VAT)Pkg. Qty.
AAX601013"1/4"Brass, Chrome, Plastic, Steel30Imperial0.75"$391.021
BAX602025"1/4"Brass, Chrome, Plastic, Steel30Imperial0.75"$415.641
CAX603037"1/4"Brass, Chrome, Plastic, Steel30Imperial0.75"$434.891
DAX604049"1/4"Brass, Chrome, Plastic, Steel30Imperial0.75"$460.111
EAX605061"1/4"Brass, Chrome, Plastic, Steel30Imperial0.75"$479.761

6100 Series Metric Gasket Cutter Kits With Cutting Board

StyleModelMaximum Cutting DiameterMinimum Cutting DiameterNo Of PiecesBody MaterialCoating FinishMax. Work ThicknessPrice (ex. VAT)Pkg. Qty.
AAX6110330mm6mm30BrassChrome Plated0.75"$391.021
BAX6120635mm6mm30BrassChrome Plated0.75"$415.641
CAX6130940mm6mm30BrassChrome Plated0.75"$434.891
DAX61401245mm6mm30BrassChrome Plated0.75"$460.111
EAX61501550mm6mm30BrassChrome Plated0.75"$479.761

6000 Series Heavy Duty Gasket Cutter Kits

StyleModelMaximum Cutting DiameterMinimum Cutting DiameterUsed ForNo Of PiecesSystem of MeasurementBody MaterialPrice (ex. VAT)Pkg. Qty.
AAX600013"1/4"Brass, Chrome, Plastic, Steel27ImperialBrass$358.311
BAX600125"1/4"Brass, Chrome, Plastic, Steel27ImperialBrass$382.911
CAX600237"1/4"Brass, Chrome, Plastic, Steel27ImperialBrass$402.161
CAX600349"1/4"Brass, Chrome, Plastic, Steel27ImperialBrass$427.401
DAX600461"1/4"Brass, Chrome, Plastic, Steel27ImperialBrass$447.041

3000 Series Light Duty Gasket Cutter Kits

StyleModelMaximum Cutting DiameterMinimum Cutting DiameterCutting BoardPrice (ex. VAT)Pkg. Qty.
AAX301013", 330mm1", 25mmYes$289.151
BAX300013", 330mm1", 25mmNo$246.131
CAX302025", 635mm1", 25mmYes$307.251
DAX303037", 940mm1", 25mmYes$328.311

2000 Series Compact Gasket Cutter Kits

StyleModelMaximum Cutting DiameterMinimum Cutting DiameterCutting BoardNo Of PiecesLengthHeightPrice (ex. VAT)Pkg. Qty.
AAX20006", 152mm1/4", 6mmNo96.94"1.69"$176.421
BAX20106", 152mm1/4", 6mmYes107.13"2.88"$189.891

6100 Series Metric Gasket Cutter Kits

StyleModelMaximum Cutting DiameterMinimum Cutting DiameterMax. Work ThicknessNo Of PiecesBody MaterialPrice (ex. VAT)Pkg. Qty.
StyleModelMaximum Cutting DiameterMinimum Cutting DiameterSystem of MeasurementPrice (ex. VAT)Pkg. Qty.
StyleModelSystem of MeasurementMaximum Cutting DiameterMinimum Cutting DiameterVoltage (AC)Price (ex. VAT)Pkg. Qty.

4000 Series Medium Duty Gasket Cutter Kits

StyleModelMaximum Cutting DiameterMinimum Cutting DiameterCutting BoardSystem of MeasurementMax. Work ThicknessCoating FinishBody MaterialPrice (ex. VAT)Pkg. Qty.
AAX401013", 330mm1", 25mmYesImperial , Metric0.75"Chrome PlatedAluminium$284.781
BAX400013", 330mm1", 25mmNoImperial , Metric0.75"Chrome PlatedAluminium$258.891
CAX402025", 635mm1", 25mmYesImperial , Metric0.75"Chrome PlatedAluminium$301.311
DAX403037", 940mm1", 25mmYesImperial , Metric0.75"Chrome PlatedAluminium$324.651
EAX404049", 1245mm1", 25mmYesImperial , Metric0.75"Chrome PlatedAluminium$337.241

SM4 Bench-Mount Rotary-Style Gasket Cutter, 3 to 28 Inch Cutting Diameter

ModelItemPrice (ex. VAT)Pkg. Qty.

Working Mechanism

    • In the case of the extension style gasket cutter kits, pierce a hole having a small diameter in the centre of the gasket material to be cut.
    • Lay out the material flat on the cutting board.
    • Poke the centre pin through the hole and insert it into a ferrule in the board.
    • Set the blade to the required depth of cut.
    • Loosen the knurled nut and adjust it to the desired outside diameter.
    • Add / remove extensions, if necessary.
    • Place the tail of the extension onto the pin.
    • Grip the block with one hand while holding the pin with the other.
    • Sweep a circular pattern around the circumference of the material while simultaneously applying downward pressure.
    • Remove the excess material.
    • Adjust the cutter to the desired inner diameter and cut another circular pattern around that circumference.
    • Remove the finished flange gasket.
    • In the case of rotary style cutters, mount the unit to a workbench, using bolts, to provide a stable base of operation. Set the scale bar to the desired OD and pierce a small hole in the centre of the gasket material to be cut.
    • Open the cutter, insert the material onto a scale bar spindle and fasten using the knurled nut. Using one hand, lower the cutting disc & apply pressure, while also turning the crank with the other hand.
    • Remove excess material, adjust the scale bar to the desired ID and make another circular cut around that circumference.
    • Finally, remove the finished flange gasket.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install rotary-style gasket cutters?

  • Allpax rotary-style gasket cutter can be mounted / clamped in the upright position on a vise or bolted to a workbench using 1/4 inch bolts.
  • The protective tape over the cutting discs should be removed before usage. Similarly, also be careful of the razor-sharp edges.
  • The M3 motorized units come pre-fabricated. However, their parts may need adjustments over time. The cutting discs should also be sharpened using a hand sharpening stone.
  • It is recommended to regularly clean & lubricate the cutter's gears and moving parts using a light machine oil.

How to choose the suitable Allpax electric gasket cutter?

The first deciding factor is if you need the assembly to be stationary or portable. In general, the extension style gasket cutters are portable and lightweight and are widely used to fabricate non-metallic or non-rigid gasket materials. Whereas the rotary style gasket cutters are heavier and require mounting or bolting on a vise or a workbench for fixed-location gasket cutting. These units are best for metallic or rigid gasket materials, as well as cutting out irregular-shaped gaskets. Although most gasket cutters operate manually, the rotary style gasket cutters are also available in a motorised variant for quick, hassle-free operation.

What is the difference between a rotary gasket cutter and an extension gasket cutter?

Rotary-style gasket cutters are used in applications having permanent installation constraints, whereas extension-style gasket cutters can be moved easily from one location to another for cutting gaskets of large diameters. Extension-style cutters require the gasket material to be laid flat on a workbench or a dedicated gasket fabrication table.

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