AIR SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL Confined Space Venturi Blowers

Exhaust hazardous and explosive vapours from refineries, power plants, shipyards and other industrial environments. Circulate cool air in spaces where temperatures are elevated or where heavy equipment is at risk of overheating


Please note that the item you have bought is a 115V.


Venturi Blowers

StyleModelInlet SizeAir Consumed @ 50 PsigAir Consumed @ 70 PsigLengthAir Flow @ 50 PsigAir Flow @ 70 PsigAir Flow @ 90 PsigBase Dia.Price (ex. VAT)
AASI-29001"76 CFM99 CFM44"2770 CFM3340 CFM3752 CFM11.16"$555.45
AASI-41001"117 CFM152 CFM46 1/2"3785 CFM4562 CFM5041 CFM14 1/3"$768.18
AASI-10001/2"38 CFM53 CFM16 1/3"935 CFM1274 CFM1422 CFM7 5/16"$277.73
AASI-12001/2"38 CFM53 CFM32 1/8"1211 CFM1429 CFM1580 CFM7 5/16"$301.36


Allegro Venturi Blowers

  • Allegro Safety venturi blowers feature linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) construction for resisting impact and corrosion.
  • These blowers come integrated with a convenient carry handle, allowing easy transportation.
  • They are capable of handling steam pressure up to 140 psi and can withstand temperatures up to 220 degrees F.

Air System International Venturi Blowers

  • Air System International venturi blowers feature a base made of cast aluminium for a rigid and durable foundation, ensuring strength and longevity.
  • They have galvanised steel housing for excellent strength and resisting corrosion.
  • These venturi blowers have a maximum inlet pressure of 140 psi, enabling efficient air movement and ventilation.

Texas Pneumatic Tools Venturi Air Movers

  • Texas Pneumatic tools venturi air movers feature a steel horn to keep the working personnel cool under elevated temperatures.
  • They provide ground wire connections to reduce the risk of static sparks in volatile environments.
  • The brand's TX-6AM-SS features stainless steel horn and base for corrosion resistance and durability.
  • These venturi air movers are capable of delivering airflow ranging between 815 and 7304 cfm.

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Please note that the item you have bought is a 115V.