ALLEGRO SAFETY Confined Space Venturi Blowers

Allegro pneumatic blowers are used to extract fumes or other harmful vapours and ventilate spaces in laboratories, refineries and chemical / steel industries.


Please note that the item you have bought is a 115V.


Venturi Blowers, Metal

StyleModelDia. Top Of HornAir Consumed @ 60 psigAir Consumed @ 80 psigFree Air Induction @ 100 psigFree Air Induction @ 60 psigFree Air Induction @ 80 psigInlet SizeNo. of Mounting SlotPrice (ex. VAT)
A9518-03S6"30 SCFM40 SCFM24.1028.83271/2"3$364.18
A9518-037"30 SCFM40 SCFM29.3037.8332.751/2"3$416.00
A9518-0612 1/2"60 SCFM80 SCFM3742.6737.751"3$579.64
A9518-0814 1/4"110 SCFM140 SCFM30.1938.3234.361"3$874.18
A9518-1015 3/4"190 SCFM250 SCFM21.6332.5329.221/2"4$1,041.82

Venturi Blowers, Plastic

StyleModelDecibles @ 5 ft. @ 80 psigAir Consumed @ 60 psigAir Consumed @ 80 psigDia. Top Of HornFree Air Induction @ 100 psigFree Air Induction @ 60 psigFree Air Induction @ 80 psigHousing MaterialPrice (ex. VAT)
A9518-13S68 dB30 SCFM40 SCFM6"24.1028.8327Cast Aluminum$331.45
A9518-1372 dB30 SCFM40 SCFM7"29.3037.8332.75Cast Aluminum$377.82
A9518-1675 dB60 SCFM80 SCFM12 1/2"3742.6637.75Cast Aluminum$501.82
A9518-1879 dB110 SCFM140 SCFM14 13/20"30.1938.3234.36Plastic$823.64


Allegro Venturi Blowers

  • Allegro Safety venturi blowers feature linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) construction for resisting impact and corrosion.
  • These blowers come integrated with a convenient carry handle, allowing easy transportation.
  • They are capable of handling steam pressure up to 140 psi and can withstand temperatures up to 220 degrees F.

Air System International Venturi Blowers

  • Air System International venturi blowers feature a base made of cast aluminium for a rigid and durable foundation, ensuring strength and longevity.
  • They have galvanised steel housing for excellent strength and resisting corrosion.
  • These venturi blowers have a maximum inlet pressure of 140 psi, enabling efficient air movement and ventilation.

Texas Pneumatic Tools Venturi Air Movers

  • Texas Pneumatic tools venturi air movers feature a steel horn to keep the working personnel cool under elevated temperatures.
  • They provide ground wire connections to reduce the risk of static sparks in volatile environments.
  • The brand's TX-6AM-SS features stainless steel horn and base for corrosion resistance and durability.
  • These venturi air movers are capable of delivering airflow ranging between 815 and 7304 cfm.

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Please note that the item you have bought is a 115V.