Kushlan Products concrete mixers are ideal for mixing cement, water, stone chips & gravel to produce concrete. These mixers come in a variety of options, namely pedestal / wheelbarrow cement mixers, epoxy mixers and food-grade mixers having belt / direct drive motors and telescoping / removable / retractable handles.


Kushlan Products mixers blend cement, water, sand or gravel to form concrete. These mixers are equipped with a revolving drum to mix all the components without manual effort. They are ideal for making small batches of the mix for paving and construction jobs.


Wheelbarrow Mixers

StyleModelPrice (ex. VAT)

550 Series Food Grade Mixer

Kulshan Products 550 Series multi-purpose food grade mixers are affordable and ideal at the same time for anyone engaging from light-weight to significant loads. These food grade mixers are suitable for mixing teas, flours, seeds, etc. They are equipped with electric-driven, twenty-eight revolutions per minute motors which swivel at 360 degrees and can be discharged in any direction. They are supported by heavy-duty steel frames with drums being adjustable to a proper angle for a range of mixes. Choose from a wide range of these 550 Series, multi-purpose food grade mixers, available in 115 and 220V motor variants on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelMotorPrice (ex. VAT)
A550SS 115v115V$2,178.17

Cement Mixers, Steel Blades, Pin Locking System, 28 RPM

Kushlan Products cement mixers provide homogeneous mixing of cement, gravel, sand and water to form concrete. These cement mixers feature 360 degree swivel for uniform mixing and are equipped with blades made of steel for resisting corrosion on exposed surfaces. They come with a pin locking facility for added safety and deliver a maximum drum rotating speed of 28 rpm.
Wheelbarrow cement mixers have polyethylene drums for resistance against cracks, rust and dents, and ensure easy drum cleaning. These wheelbarrow cement mixers are equipped with belt / direct drive motors for operation with minimal noise, in additon to increased positional & speed accuracy. Kushlan Products wheelbarrow cement mixers come with a stand that can be separated into three components without using any tools. Kushlan's 350EPOXY wheelbarrow cement mixer units are equipped with telescoping handles, thereby allowing easy breakdown for transport and storage. These wheelbarrow cement mixers come embedded with ball bearings for low rotational friction and two polyurethane, flat free tires for excellent shock absorption.

StyleModelAmpsDrum Dia.FrameHandlesHPItemMotorNet WeightPrice (ex. VAT)
A1000DD-36"Steel TubingRemovable1Movable Pedestal Mixer120V, Direct Drive ODP329 lbs.$2,967.13
B350EPOXY-22"Heavy Gauge SteelTelescoping3/4Wheelbarrow Mixer115V Direct Drive113 lb.$1,035.55
C600DD-28"Heavy Gauge SteelTelescoping3/4Wheelbarrow Mixer115V Direct Drive107 lb.$1,098.96
DKPRO-22"Heavy Gauge Steel TubingRetractable1/2Wheelbarrow Mixer115V Belt Drive80 lb.-
E350DD-22"Heavy Gauge SteelTelescoping3/4Wheelbarrow Mixer115V Direct Drive96 lb.$960.51
F350MP-22"Heavy Gauge Steel TubingTelescoping3/4Pedestal Mixer115V Direct Drive100 lb.$1,239.74
GKPRO 350DD6 Amps-Heavy Duty Gear Box-1/2 HPWheelbarrow Mixer120V-$433.63
HKPRO 600DD8 Amps-Heavy Duty Gear Box-3/4 HPWheelbarrow Mixer120V-$515.45

450DD Series Food Grade Mixer

Kushlan Products, LLC pedestal-mounted mixers are equipped with a steel frame, making them simple to manoeuvre from place to place. These food-grade liners are capable of extracting simply from baskets and feature mixers which swivel 360 degrees. The drums of these mixers can be adjusted to proper angle for explicit mixing. Choose from a wide range of these 450DD Series food grade mixers, available in 120 and 220V motor variants on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelDrum Dia.HPMotorWheel WidthPrice (ex. VAT)
A450DD22"3/4120V, Direct Drive ODP2.25"$1,262.19
A450DD-22022"3/4 HP220V2 1/4"$1,126.47

Concrete Mixers

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Motar Mixer, 12 gal. Size, 3/4 HP, Polyethylene

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  • Steel blades cement mixers allow 360-degree swivel action to uniformly mix cement, gravel, sand and water to prepare concrete.
  • They feature a drum with a pin locking system to offer maximum safety while rotation and drive / belt motors for reduced noise and increased speed accuracy.
  • Models like food grade mixers are designed for mixing coffees, teas, flours or seeds.
  • They are equipped with electric-driven motors for making twenty-eight revolutions per minute and are supported with heavy-duty steel frames and adjusted to the correct angle, making them useful for a variety of mixes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of polyethylene drums?

Polyethylene drums can resist dents, cracks and rust and are easy to clean.

Are pedestal cement mixers portable?

The pedestal cement mixers are integrated with polyurethane, flat-free tires for easy manoeuvrability.

What is the purpose of a telescopic steel handle in the Kushlan 350EPOXY mixer?

The telescopic steel handle allows easy breakdown for storage and transport convenience.

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