Combination Square Sets And Components

Combination square sets and components are used to determine internal & external angles and check heights & depths of parts. These combination square sets comprise a ruler, protector head, square head and centre head. Raptor Supplies offers combination square sets and components from renowned brands such as Westward, Johnson, Stanley, Starrett and Brown & Sharpe. Starrett combination sets consist of a photo-engraved, hardened & tempered satin chrome steel blade, square head, centre head and protractor head. These sets feature a reversible lock bolt that enables the blade to be turned over without the removal of the lock bolt / nut and ensures proper alignment of the blade with the heads. Johnson combination squares come with an anti-rust protective coating and permanently stamped graduations as small as 1/32nd of an inch. These squares feature computer-machined gauging edges to offer maximum accuracy. For those looking for replacement parts, we also sell set components such as square heads, reversible / non-reversible protector heads, combination heads, combination blades and centre heads.

StyleBlade LengthGraduation TypeGraduationsPrice (ex. VAT)ModelSku
A4"4R8ths/16ths/32nds/64ths£ 59.18
A6"4R8ths/16ths/32nds/64ths£ 62.04
A12"4R8ths/16ths/32nds/64ths£ 75.78
A12"16R32nds/64ths/50ths/100ths£ 103.77
A24"4R8ths/16ths/32nds/64ths£ 172.89
StyleBlade LengthGraduation TypeGraduationsPrice (ex. VAT)ModelSku
A18"4R8ths/16ths/Quick Reading 32nds/64ths£ 228.00
C11H-18-4R AE6MZZ
A24"4R8ths/16ths/Quick Reading 32nds/64ths£ 246.84
C11H-24-4R AE6NAA
B300mm351mm and 1/2mm Both Sides£ 155.73
11MH-300 AE6NAE

Starrett combination squares are multi-purpose measuring and marking tools used in metalworking, woodworking, and stonemasonry applications. These units comprise a rule and one or more interchangeable heads which can be further attached to the rule. The brand's combination squares featuring a square head further come equipped with a reversible lock bolt, scriber, spirit level and a hardened-steel photo-engraved blade with regular or satin chrome finish. Choose from a wide range of these combination squares available in 300 mm, 18 inch and 24 inch blade lengths on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Starrett distributor.

StyleBlade LengthBlade MaterialFinishGraduation TypeGraduationsHead MaterialHead TypeNumber of PiecesPrice (ex. VAT)ModelSku
A16"Stainless SteelBlackInches, mm1/8", 1/16", mmCast ZincProtractor2£ 28.60
B12"Stainless SteelBlackInches, mm1/8", 1/16", 1/32", mmCast ZincProtractor2£ 17.10
C16"Steel1/8ths, 1/16ths, 1mmZinc2£ 25.90
D12"SteelBlack, Chip-Resistant E-CoatingStamped8ths,16ths,32nds,mmCast ZincCNC Machined1£ 12.66
StyleBlade LengthFinishHead MaterialHead TypeItemNumber of PiecesPrice (ex. VAT)ModelSku
A4"Black WrinkleCast IronSquareCombination Square2£ 127.02
C11H-4-4R AC4HAK
A6"Black WrinkleCast IronSquareCombination Square2£ 144.85
C11H-6-4R AC4HAL
B6"Black WrinkleCast IronSquare, CenterCombination Square3£ 202.66
A12"Black WrinkleCast IronSquareCombination Square2£ 149.22
C11H-12-4R AC4HAN
B6"Smooth Black EnamelSteelSquare Head, Center HeadCombination Square3£ 281.80
C12"Smooth Black EnamelSteelSquare, Center, ProtractorCombination Square Set4£ 463.64
C434-12-4R AC4HAQ
C12"Black WrinkleCast IronSquare, Center, ProtractorCombination Square Set4£ 371.26
C435-12-4R AC4HAR

Starrett combination square set consists of a photo-engraved, hardened and tempered satin chrome steel blade, a square head, a centre head and a protractor head. The square head has a precision ground 90 degrees square face and 45 degrees miter face. It is used to make right angles and parallel lines and can also be used as a tri-square, miter, depth gage and height gage. The centre head is used to accurately locate centre of a cylindrical or square workpiece, whereas the protractor head features revolving turrets with direct-reading double graduations, ranging from 0 to 180 degrees, used to measure angles accurately. This combination square set features a reversible lock bolt, a scriber and a spirit level and comes in a fitted case. The reversible lock bolt enables the blade to be turned over without removing the lock bolt or nut and ensures proper alignment of the blade with the heads.

6 Inch Combination Square; 2 PcSTARRETT

6 Inch Combination Square; 2 Pc
Price (ex. VAT)ItemModel

Cast-Iron Combination Square Head, Wrinkle FinishSTARRETT

Cast-Iron Combination Square Head, Wrinkle Finish
Price (ex. VAT)ItemModel

Center Head Cast Iron Wrinkle FinishSTARRETT

Center Head Cast Iron Wrinkle Finish
Price (ex. VAT)ItemModel

Center Head Steel Smooth FinishSTARRETT

Center Head Steel Smooth Finish
Price (ex. VAT)ItemModel

Combination Set, Black Enamel Finish, 4R GraduationsSTARRETT

Combination Set, Black Enamel Finish, 4R Graduations
Price (ex. VAT)ItemModel

Combination Set, Carpentry SquaresSTARRETT

Combination Set, Carpentry Squares
Price (ex. VAT)ItemModel

Combination Set 12 Inch 3 Piece BlackWESTWARD

Combination Set 12 Inch 3 Piece Black
Price (ex. VAT)ItemModel

Combination Set 12 Inch 4 Piece BlueWESTWARD

Combination Set 12 Inch 4 Piece Blue
Price (ex. VAT)ItemModel

Combination Square 2 Piece 6 Inch Type 4rSTARRETT

Combination Square 2 Piece 6 Inch Type 4r
Price (ex. VAT)ItemModel

Combination Square 6 Inch Black ZincWESTWARD

Combination Square 6 Inch Black Zinc
Price (ex. VAT)ItemModel

Combination Square 6 Inch Length in/mm GraduationsJOHNSON

Combination Square 6 Inch Length in/mm Graduations
Price (ex. VAT)ItemModel

Combination Square 6 Inch ZincJOHNSON

Combination Square 6 Inch Zinc
Price (ex. VAT)ItemModel

Combination Square 12 InSTANLEY

Combination Square 12 In
Price (ex. VAT)ItemModel

Combination Square 12 Inch AbsSTANLEY

Combination Square 12 Inch Abs
Price (ex. VAT)ItemModel

Combination Square 12 Inch Die-castSTANLEY

Combination Square 12 Inch Die-cast
Price (ex. VAT)ItemModel

Combination Square 12 Inch Zinc HeadJOHNSON

Combination Square 12 Inch Zinc Head
Price (ex. VAT)ItemModel