Wesco’s Stairking battery-powered stairclimbers are the perfect option to safely and securely move appliances and other cargo up and down a flight of stairs.

To use, simply slide the cargo onto the 4″ deep noseplate. Secure using the auto-rewind ratchet that first removes any slack and then tightens using the ratchet crank.

The included sealed-battery propels the Stairking up and down stairs with ease; both versions also come in a dual-battery version for longer use between charges. A 220v / 50hz battery charger (109160) is also available.

Available in 66″ (230051) and 72″ (230052) height versions, the Stairking can support cargo weighing a maximum of 850 lbs. Made of welded aluminium, these stairclimbers are light and easy to manoeuvre.

The Stairking also has a great selection of accessories, including a winch lift attachment (230053) that converts the Stairking into a stairclimber + lifter up to 57″ all in one unit. With the lift attachment, a user can now easily load / remove cargo from a vehicle and carry it up or down a flight of stairs.

Other accessories include:
– platform (260160) that slips onto the forks of the winch lift attachment
– superwheel (270076)
– kick-out wheel (230059)
– in-car battery charger (230060)
– nose extension (230055)

The Stairking is a must have for anybody who needs to move heavy equipment up and down stairs and / or cargo in or out of vehicles such as delivery vans and pickup tracks. To find out more about the Wesco Stairking series, please contact us via phone, email and live chat. Browse our selection of appliance trucks.


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