Square D circuit breakers 101: factors to consider while buying circuit breakers

Square D Circuit Breakers Explained!!

Square D circuit breakers are the first line of defence that protects the realm of electrical components from enemies like short circuits and overcurrents. They open or close electrical circuits as per the electrical conditions.
Whether you are in charge of a manufacturing plant or managing a power distribution grid, these circuit breakers offer protection to both your valuable electrical equipment and your personnel.

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Installation Steps for Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers’ installation is a pretty straightforward procedure. But remember, working with electricity is no joke. One wrong touch can cause you some serious harm. So, if you feel uncomfortable performing any of the below-mentioned steps, we recommend you call an electrician.

  1. Begin by switching OFF the power to the panelboard and turning the circuit breaker to OFF position.
  2. Then, gently remove the interior trim.
  3. Now, connect the branch connector by pushing it inward until the plug-on jaws securely grip the branch connector (A).
  4. Then, snap the wire terminal end of the circuit breaker onto the mounting rail (B).
  5. Lastly, install the load side barrier, attach the load wire (C) and carefully reinstall the interior trim.

Working Mechanism of Circuit Breakers

Square D offers circuit breakers in three variants:

  • AFCI circuit breakers
  • GFCI circuit breakers
  • CAFCI circuit breakers

Square D arc fault circuit breakers detect potentially dangerous arc faults to lessen the risk of fires. Arc faults can occur due to damaged wires, as well as due to loose connections in the wiring system. These AFCIs monitor the circuit and inspect arcing patterns for immediately interrupting the circuit. They sport screw-clamp / plug-in terminal connections for easy wiring and hassle-free rearrangement.

Square D ground fault circuit breakers watch out for any electrical current leaking to the ground through a person or other conductive passage in a circuit. When any such imbalance occurs, the GFCI quickly cuts off power to the circuit. This fast response minimises the duration of exposure to dangerous currents. They thereby avoid electric shocks and electrocution.

Square D CAFCI circuit breakers protect from both parallel and series arcs. Arcing is often the initial cause of electrical fires. You can always rely on Square D dual-function circuit breakers to avoid these fires. Moreover, they connect to Homeline load centres for HACR-rated protection.

Troubleshooting Square D Circuit Breakers

A Square D Homeline dual-function circuit breaker has a combination of ground fault and arc fault circuit interrupters. Therefore, once it trips, it gets difficult to understand the underlying reason.

  1. To know the fault, first, turn off the circuit breaker.
  2. Then, hold down the Push-To-Test button.
  3. Next, turn the circuit breaker back on.
  • If the circuit breaker trips immediately, it detects a fault in the ground.
  • Or, if the trip comes after a 2-second delay, it detects an arc fault.
  • Moreover, if there’s a 5-second delay, it is a thermal overload or short circuit.

Safety Instructions for Square D Breakers

  • First of all, follow the LOTO protocol and isolate the board or panel before beginning any inspection.
  • Also, wear insulation gloves and safety shoes while working with industrial circuit breakers.
  • Moreover, choose appropriate wiring and panels according to your circuit breakers’ ratings.
  • Place any additional breaker only if you have an open slot in your electrical panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I reset these circuit breakers after tripping?

A. Yes, you can reset Square D circuit breakers once the fault is resolved. You can reset them manually to restore the power.

Q. Are these circuit breakers maintenance-free?

A. They are virtually maintenance-free. These circuit breakers require only regular testing and inspection. Also, store them in a closed panel. This will prevent dust and debris accumulation. And in turn, it will improve overall efficiency.

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