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Spill Kit: Types and Applications

Moving chemical containers around the workspace is a difficult job. A small spill can compromise workers’ safety and lead to a biohazard. This is why OSHA recommends that organisations should prepare themselves for various types of spills. One such best practice is getting a spill kit.

A spill kit includes materials designed to soak up spills effectively and safety gear to protect workers. The absorbing materials soak up the chemicals in a jiffy, while the PPE kits (included) avoid physical contact with those chemicals. These kits are available as oil-only kits for hydrocarbons, chemical kits for hazardous chemicals and universal kits for broader types of spills.

Chemical spills lead to soil and water contamination and harm wildlife. To prevent and minimise these impacts, it's crucial to have the right spill kit on hand.

But the main question is, ‘Which spill kit should you choose?

Choosing the right spill kit for you will depend upon the type of your facility, potential spill sizes, mobility needs and any national standards / regulations.

Spill Kit Types

Vehicle Spill Kits

These kits absorb all types of spills on the move in automobiles, trains, forklift trucks and other vehicles. They are effective for managing accidental spills during transportation. Additionally, these vehicle spill kits are portable and quickly deal with spills while in transit.

These vehicle spill kits come in weather-resistant duffel bags. They allow users to hang the kits to their vehicle or forklift for quick access. 

Maintenance Spill Kits

Maintenance spill kits address everyday spills. They can clean up any type of liquid, be it oil, coolant or water-based. Moreover, they come in contrasting black and yellow colours for high visibility. These universal spill kits work well for routine cleanups as well. In addition, they can soak up to 62 gallons of spills at once.

Oil-Only Spill Kits

Oil-only spill kits manage hydrophobic liquids like oil and fuel. They repel water and selectively absorb oil-based substances. These kits are highly effective around water sources to segregate spills. As a result, they are effective in marine environments and industrial sites during oil-related operations. These spill kits contain drums with lockable seals to transfer the fluid without further spilling. They can contain spills of up to 120 gallons.

HazMat Spill Kits

Lastly, HazMat spill kits are suitable for handling hazardous materials (HazMat) spills. They are used to take care of dangerous chemicals, toxins or biohazard spills. As these kits are capable of addressing potentially life-threatening situations, they are used globally by safety personnel in case of emergencies.

Moreover, they have a 95-gallon spill capacity and are suitable for handling spills on a large scale.

How to Use Spill Kit?

  • First of all, put up caution tape and secure the area.
  • Then, clog the floor drains with spill socks to prevent the spill from spreading further.
  • Next, open the spill kit and then put on the provided gloves, goggles and coveralls.
  • Now, begin by placing absorbents onto the spill. Start from the outside and work your way towards the centre.
  • Keep collecting the used absorbents in a bag and label it as hazardous waste.
  • Once the kit contains the spill, disinfect the affected area.
  • Collect the used spill pads in the same labelled bag used for the absorbents.
  • Then, seal the bag with a twist tie to prevent any further contamination.

Call for medical help if anyone has been injured by the spill.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Take action now by ensuring you have the right spill stations available. Also, make sure your team is trained in their proper use. Remember, being prepared is not just a smart choice, rather it’s a responsibility.

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