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Dirty HVAC systems use up to 30% more energy to cool or heat a space! Today, we’ll focus on how SpeedClean coil cleaning systems make the cleaning process simple and quick to do.

Complications in HVAC Cleaning:

When it comes to cleaning HVAC devices, one is faced with questions such as:
(A) What is air duct cleaning?
(B) How often should air ducts in your home be cleaned?
(C) How to prevent duct contamination?

Only someone with prior experience in cleaning HVAC systems will understand the importance of a complete unit disassembly! However, this process is time-consuming and can take hours to complete. 

Outdoor air conditioning systems suck in dirty air, which is they are one of the most polluted room appliances. This atmospheric pollution eventually will form a type of “blanket” on the unit’s coil, thereby reducing airflow.

Traditional HVAC Cleaning Practices:

The major disadvantage of the traditional cleaning approach is that the equipment tends to be really bulky. Eventually, you might end up completely disassembling the condenser unit to thoroughly clean the unit. Don’t forget, the garden hose should also be used at a certain angle. Otherwise, the water pressure tends to bend the coil fins.

Why is SpeedClean a superior solution?

State-of-the-art products developed by SpeedClean, including CoilJet, CoilShot, BucketDescaler & Mini-Split Kits speak for themselves. With this range, the good news is that you need not go looking for additional brushes & equipment to clean the devices. Therefore, the SpeedClean coil cleaning systems are an all-in-1 solution!

SpeedClean coil cleaning systems for condensers, split AC systems and heat exchangers

A. For Cleaning HVAC systems in remote & far-off locations

Consider using SpeedClean equipment where a constant power and water supply are inaccessible. Attics and rooftops are the perfect examples of the same. That’s where the CoilJet HVAC coil cleaner systems are an ideal solution.

CoilJet HVAC Coil Cleaner System

CoilJet CJ-125 is a portable coil cleaning system, specifically designed for cleaning condenser & evaporator coils where power & water supply is usually a luxury. 

What is the SpeedClean advantage, though?

CoilJet CJ-125: Cleaning on rooftops without any water / power outlet
Cleaning on rooftops without any water / power outlet

Unlike other cleaning systems, SpeedClean coil cleaner systems have inbuilt yet separate chemical & water tanks and a long-life rechargeable battery. These integrated tanks eliminate dragging hundreds of feet of hose to rooftops or in remote places. In addition, they are also suitable for cleaning microchannel coils that require the perfect balance between “too much water pressure” and “not powerful enough spray”. Also, with the CoilJet HVAC coil cleaner system, you need not pull the evaporator coil out.

This cleaning device works best when used with SpeedyFoam, an alkaline, acid-free, non-caustic biodegradable foaming coil cleaner designed to deliver a penetrating cleaning action.

CoilJet CleaningTraditional Cleaning (Brushes, Water Hose & Foaming Cleaner)
The only pressure washer that clean coils without damaging the delicate fins (by holding the spray wand well away from the coils)Even if you use a 1000 psi pressure washer from a distance of approximately 4-5 feet to avoid coil damages, you’re ultimately getting about 100-150 psi, only.
So, why bother dragging a heavy pressure washer & running long lengths of water hose & extension cords for that?
Built-in Chemical & Water TankRequires External Water Supply
Integrated BatteryRequires Nearby Power Socket (Unsuitable for remote locations)
Pre-calibrated & carefully adjusted spray pressureIrregular Spray Pressure (Damages coil fins)

CoilJet is ideal for cleaning:

  • PTAC and rooftop AC units
  • Cellular transmission tower AC units
  • Light-duty commercial ground floor and rooftop condenser units
  • Evaporator coils in the attic
  • Truck and food refrigeration equipment, such as Thermo King units
  • Microchannel coils (without causing damage)
  • Solar panels

The CoilJet advantage:

  • Compact design enables cleaning in hard-to-reach areas (evaporators, PTAC’s, rooftops, attics & refrigeration units)
  • Capable of cleaning 2-3 five-ton units requiring 125 psi, concentrated spray pressure
  • No pulling out evaporator & condenser coils separately or using acidic & caustic self-rising sprays
  • Powerful 125 psi spray powered by a deep cycle 12V rechargeable battery removes grime & debris from the inside & outside
  • Spray wand & 90-degree nozzle for forcing debris out from the same direction it entered
  • Onboard water tank to eliminate dragging bulky pump sprayers & hoses
  • Fully charged battery lasts you for at least 12 tank loads of coil cleaning, while the battery life cycle ranges between 280 – 300 full charging cycles.

CoilJet CJ-125 vs CJ-200E:

CJ-125 HVAC Coil CleanerCJ-200E HVAC Coil Cleaner
Up to 125 psi spray ballastUp to 220 psi spray ballast
Ideal for cleaning microchannel & condenser coilsIdeal for cleaning only condenser coils

B. Descaling Heat Exchangers

Limescale buildup inside heat exchanger coil
Limescale buildup inside heat exchanger coil

Tankless & tanked hot water systems and various heat exchangers share a common problem: limescale buildup in heating elements. Medium-to-hard water carries high levels of calcium carbonate & various minerals that eventually deposits on the pipes and coils. This, in turn, decreases the efficiency by over 50%.

Is vinegar an ideal choice for descaling HVAC coils?

The major shortcoming of vinegar is, the cleaning process will take hours to complete. And, also it’s difficult to make this cleaning agent stay in contact with the coil surface for long enough to do its job. SpeedClean’s bucket descaler can reduce cleaning time while ensuring a thorough descaling. Moreover, chemical test strips from SpeedClean can help you identify the pH value of new / used descaling liquids, for determining the re-usability factor of the same.

Bucket Descaler System (Limescale Remover)

These Bucket Descaler systems are not just used for removing limescale, additionally, they can also be used to remove rust & debris build-up within minutes! These units find wide descaling applications with frame and plate heat exchangers, condensing boilers, plumbing lines, radiant flooring and other standard heaters.

How BucketDescaler separates itself from the crowd?

One of the major advantages of the SpeedClean BucketDescaler has over other cleaning solutions is its acid-proof components (fittings, pumps & hoses). These fittings ensure that there is minimum wear against reactive chemicals & solutions used during descaling tasks. The circulation valve, on these units, further enables flow from an auxiliary bucket, thereby making the descaling system ideal for commercial applications.

Merits of BucketDescaler

SpeedClean BucketDescaler System
BucketDescaler System
  • 3.3 GPM acid-proof pump for consistently circulating limescale removal cleaner
  • Purge valve for minimising cleanup time
  • Easily fits on any standard 5-gallon bucket
  • Highly compact design for facilitating operation in hard-to-reach spaces

C. Complications in ductless mini split-coil cleaning (Split AC)

One of the major issues in cleaning mini-split coils (split air conditioners) is that water splashes all over the walls and electric sockets, thereby leading to equipment damage caused by short circuits! This is where the SpeedClean Mini-Split Bib Kit comes into play.

Mini-Split Bib Kits

SpeedClean Mini-Split Coil Cleaner

This one-off patented solution from SpeedClean is designed to clean ductless mini-split coils indoors. This kit can also be used for cleaning blower wheels.


  • Sonic welded seams & strong 6 mil plastic bib prevents leakages & wear
  • Accommodates up to 44 inch wide mini-split systems
  • Cleans fan blades, coils & blower wheels while preventing splashes

D. Compact & handy Condenser Cleaning Tool

At times, you might have to clean refrigeration & condenser coils at remote locations. But there’s no need to carry bulky water / cleaning solution tanks anymore. SpeedClean’s CoilShot cleaner is specifically designed for such situations.

CoilShot Condenser Coil Cleaner

This revolutionary product features solid cleaning tablets, instead of using a liquid cleaner. The device still needs to be connected to a standard garden hose for its water supply.

The CoilShot Advantage

  • Quick-load tablet door for minimising the tablet reloading downtime
  • Multi-stage mixing valve, spray and a foaming nozzle for spraying the thoroughly mixed cleaning solution
  • CoilShot wand storage for user convenience
Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the CoilShot tablet last?

The CoilShot coil cleaner tablet will last for 15-20 minutes. Although, the time is impacted by the foaming level chosen by the user.

Can CoilShot be used for any size condenser?

CoilShot is designed for cleaning condenser coils around a 3-ton range. However, the coil’s thickness & level of dirt will determine the number of tablets required.


SpeedClean is driven by a clear mission – to develop innovative & practical solutions for the HVAC maintenance industry. All in all, choose the

  • CoilJet cleaner system for evaporator units and microchannel coils
  • CoilShot cleaner tool for single-pass evaporator & refrigeration coils
  • BucketDescaler system for cleaning heat exchangers & water heaters
  • Mini-Split Bib kits for cleaning split air conditioning systems

Additionally, Speedclean offers related accessories such as coil cleaner tablets for CoilShot cleaners and cleaning solution for the BucketDescaler system.

Raptor Supplies is a trusted international distributor of SpeedClean coil cleaning systems. We deliver these condenser coil cleaners to customers in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

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