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PeakTech 5225 Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

PeakTech 5225 Ultrasonic thickness meter is useful in shipbuilding, metal & pipeline construction and general production. It excels in measuring materials that conduct sound waves. This meter is particularly effective in metals, glass, plastic and ceramics. This PeakTech device plays a crucial role in evaluating the thickness of materials.

This thickness meter boasts a remarkable resolution of 0.1 mm. Moreover, it features an auto-calibration function with a built-in 4 mm metal plate within its housing. PeakTech 5225 meter also comes with two sensors that enable precise measurements ranging from 1 mm to 300 mm using a 5 MHz frequency sound.

This Ultrasonic thickness meter is user-friendly. It has a Multiline LCD display featuring a backlight for easy reading. Its ultrasonic measuring technique, integrated calibration function and contact display for the sensor pad contribute to its high measuring accuracy and resolution.

Additionally, the device allows for the storage of up to twelve readings.It also has an auto-power-off function and includes presets for twelve different materials.

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