Organise Workspace with AkroBins

Tools & equipment scattered around your workspace? Some even unrecognisable beneath a thick layer of dust? Can’t locate what you’re looking for? If this sounds relatable, then it’s time to get things in order. In just 3 simple steps, you can use AkroBins to declutter your workspace and boost your productivity.

1. Use AkroBins in Cabinets

AkroBins (manufactured by Akro-Mils) are capable of taking care of your hardware and office supplies. Moreover, they are made of plastic to handle abrasive items as well as tackle extreme weather conditions (heat, moisture & cold). These bins have anti-slide stops that restrict them from sliding away. They feature curved bottoms for easy access and extra wide space that also prevent spills.

Akro-Mils Super-Size Akrobins are suitable for storing heavy stuff. They have reinforced side ribs that do not spread during stacking. The Akro-Mils 30280 Series Super-Size AkroBins can withstand up to 200 lb. However, if your load capacity requirement is more on the heavier side, you should definitely check out the Akro-Mils 30283 Series Super-Size AkroBins (that can hold up to 300 lb).

But, if you have space constraints and do not store much heavy stuff, then, go for Akro-Mils hang and stack bins. You can stack these bins or just place them on louvred panels to save floor space. On the contrary, if you already have steel shelves, then Akro-Mils 31162 Series AkroDrawers is an ideal choice. These drawer bins feature a large handle to facilitate easy gripping and a backstop tab for securely hanging them from any shelf.

2. Colour Coded Bin Cabinets

Using Akrobins can do half the job, but to create a neat workspace, organising your tools is a must. For this reason, the brand provides bins in multiple colours. So, it’s a good idea to colour-code them based on the following industrial standards.

  • Blue bins – Plumbing tools
  • Red bins – Electrical hardware
  • Yellow bins – Welding equipment
  • Green bins – Safety tools
  • Grey bins – HVAC equipment
  • Black bins – Fasteners

Furthermore, these bins can also accommodate card stockholders for quick identification. With these holders, you can label the inner content by giving them names, item numbers and / or bar codes. 

3. Use Dividers Within Bins

Additionally, organisation within the bins is equally important as organising a workshop. You can make better use of these bins if you add dividers. Creating partitions for smaller accessories, like wire heads, fasteners and more, will save space and you will be able to put more stuff in fewer bins.

Moreover, the brand understands that one size does not fit all. As a result, Akro-Mils offer both AkroBins length dividers and AkroBins width dividers. You can use these dividers to make partitions either along or across the length of the bin.

Above all, after structuring your warehouse, the most crucial thing to remember is to routinely assess your processes and procedures. Did your adjustments result in a gain? Are your workers working more effectively? Small modifications can have a huge impact on facility traffic, labelling and signage.

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