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Oetiker Clamps – A Complete Guide

Oetiker clamps are widely known for their dependable and semi-permanent clamping performance. They serve major commercial sectors such as oil & gas, hydraulic and automotive.

A) Oetiker clamps for hoses & tubing:

Hose clamps are one of the most common & widely used connecting solutions – whether for your car’s hood, bike’s engine or the plumbing assembly on your camper or boat. You will find, at least, 5-6 types of hose clamps.

1. Ear Clamps

Ear Clamp Installation

The ear clamp gets its name from its closing mechanism which replicates the human ear. These clamps are best suited for “cross-linked polyethene (PEX) tubing” & water supply piping systems. They also feature visible deformation and a dimple design to provide evidence of proper closure and aid in delivering the maximum clamping force, respectively. These clamps are also widely used in irrigation systems.

StepLess Ear Clamps:

The hose clamps with a StepLess design eliminate overlaps & steps on the clamp’s inner circumference for consistent 360-degree pressure and a leak-free seal.

ToothLock Ear Clamps: (293 Series)

  • Enlarged Ear Width (17 mm): Enhanced clearance for extended diameter range & easy assembly
  • Closed Interlock: Smooth outer contour for injury-free installation
  • Security Hook: Prevents unintended opening
  • ToothLock Design: Interlocked tooth-locking positions offer outstanding expansion resistance & permanent compression
  • Teardrop Dimple: Higher radial loads with compressible materials
  • Delivers 360-degree compression on assembled parts (Tongue-In-Groove Design)
  • Designed for fastening hoses in charged air coolers

PEXGrip Ear Clamps: (167 Series)

  • PEXGrip Design: Grips the tube preventing the clamp from sliding
  • StepLess Design: Uniform surface pressure & 360-degree compression
  • PEX Plumbing Connection: Secure & fast installation
StepLess 123 & 193
StepLess 117 & 167 SeriesToothLock 293
PEXGrip 167 Series
Material High Strength Steel /
Stainless Steel
Steel / Stainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
PurposeAir Intake Systems,
Fluid Hose, Steering
Oil Lines, Beverage Dispensing Systems,
Home Appliance Connections
Charged Air
PEX Plumbing
1-Ear Vs. 2-Ear clamps, what’s the purpose?

Choose a single-ear clamp (153 Series & 154 Series), if your requirement is to achieve uniform compression around the hose/tube. While it’s recommended to go ahead with a double-ear variant (101 Series & 151 Series ear clamp) if you are dealing with materials prone to thermal expansion/contraction (for an extended clamping range).

A word of caution: note that Oetiker ear clamps should be crimped in just a single tool stroke. Applying additional force after the first try can damage the clamp“.

2. Low Profile Clamps

Oetiker Low Profile Clamp Installation

Low profile clamps, as their name suggests, are designed for applications demanding tight tolerances (machinery or automotive assemblies). Most importantly, the unique design of these clamps ensures a lower imbalance on the rotating parts. Unlike ear clamps, they are reusable and therefore, facilitate frequent opening, closing and reassembling. Furthermore, these low-profile clamps also highly reduce the chances of any frictional losses between the moving & stationary parts.

ToothLock + CrossTech + StepLess Low Profile Clamps: (292 Series)

  • ToothLock Technology: Offers permanent & high compression rate. In addition, facilitates expansion resistance & superior radial load performance
  • Tensioning Hook: Fast & simple installation
  • Pre Retaining Cup: For visual clamp closure verification
  • Facilitate 360-degree compression on assembled parts (StepLess Tongue-In-Groove Design)
  • CrossTech Design: Very low imbalance on rotating parts & ultra low profile design

3. Multi Crimp Rings

Multi Crimp Ring Installation

Constant velocity joints (commonly known as CV joints or homokinetic joints) allow shafts to channel power through variable angles and at a constant rotational speed in automobiles. Additionally, this assembly is protected by a rubber boot. Then, the multi crimp rings are installed onto these rubber boots, thereby preventing contaminants from entering in and grease from leaking out”. 
Moreover, a few critical applications include the fixation of curtain airbags on gas guides and positioning hoses in cooling systems. Unlike low-profile clamps, they do not facilitate reusability, which means, once crimped they cannot be reassembled. In conclusion, these crimp rings are the perfect solution for applications requiring constant circumferential compression.

Multi Crimp Ring (Puzzle Lock Design 150 Series) Multi Crimp Ring (Spirally Welded 150 Series) Multi Crimp Ring (Cross Welded 250 Series)
AluminiumStainless SteelStainless Steel
For vehicle / machinery constant
velocity joints
For gas guides / cooling systemsFor cooling systems

B) Oetiker clamps for pneumatic & exhaust hoses:

Various industries employ worm drive clamps for applications that involve no loose parts and with a space constraint. They should also be easy & quick to install.

1. Worm Drive Clamps

They are also known as band or screw clamps and are suitable for fastening both pneumatic & water hoses. They feature a screw design and are reusable & adjustable for adapting to different nominal diameters.

StepLess Screw / Worm Drive Clamps: (178 Series)

  • Choice Of Engagement Positions (Adjustable to different nominal diameters)
  • Narrow Band (Delivers concentrated transmission of clamping force)
  • Self Tensioning (Compensation against thermal expansions)
  • Specially Formed Strip Edges (Reduced risk to clamped parts)
  • Tongue-In-Groove Design: 360-degree compression on assembled parts
  • Stainless Steel: Ideal for connecting radiator hoses
Which worm drive clamps should YOU choose, 126 or 177 Series?

If your application demands flexibility & ductility, go for 126 Series worm drive clamps. Most importantly, because they are offered in coated steel construction. However, if the purpose is to withstand moisture-prone environment & abrasive substances, the 177 Series stainless steel clamps are your go-to option!

C) Oetiker clamps for flanged joints:

For boats, automobiles and pool equipment, the couplings in flanged joints require a clamp with high integrity and a positive sealing (V-profile clamps). Additionally, it must be capable of maintaining a compact profile for accommodating tight tolerances. These V-profile clamps should also resist oxidation reactions when exposed to moisture.

1. V Profile Clamps

These clamps provide an economical alternative to bolted flange connections. Typical applications include turbochargers, bypass filter units, engines, exhaust connections and charged air systems. They are also designed to withstand extremely high temperatures, deliver quick & reliable assembly and greater mechanical efficiency.

  • Precise Low Friction Fastener: Consistent & high clamping force
  • Self Locking Thread: Withstands high vibration environments
  • Quick-lock latching mechanism: No alignment required
  • Purpose: Automotive turbochargers

D) Clamps for holding dies & fixtures:

1. Strap Clamps

Strap clamps are specially designed for holding down fuel tanks, particle filters, compressed air vessels, exhaust systems, water tanks, filter casings and EGR coolers. Although these clamps are easy to install, once fastened, they can not be readjusted.

WingGuard Strap Clamps: (270 Series)

  • WingGuard: Winged band locking mechanism encloses all sharp edges & provides a high holding force
  • Low Profile Design: Space efficient
  • Large Diameter Range: Supports various diameters
  • Burr Free Strip Edges: Reduced risk to clamped parts
  • Purpose: Most importantly, to fix curtain airbag inflators

How are Oetiker clamps measured?
Just measure the outside diameter of the hose. Then, make sure that the measured diameter is in the middle of the clamping range of the clamp.

How to install Oetiker clamps?

Are Oetiker clamps reusable?
Certainly, selected models like low profile, universal, screw & profile clamps are reusable.

How do you remove an Oetiker clamp?
Tools like a side cutter, rotating or bowl nose cutter can be used for removing the clamp. However, rotating cutters is not recommended as they can damage the hose while cutting the clamp.

What size clamp for 3/8 or 1/4 inch hose?
Below are the sizes supported by standard PEX Series 167 clamps:

Diameter RangePEX TubeWidth x Thickness
13.3 mm3/8 inch 7 x 0.6 mm
17.5 mm1/2 inch 7 x 0.8 mm
20.8 mm5/8 inch 7 x 0.8 mm
23.3 mm3/4 inch 9 x 0.8 mm
29.6 mm1/1 inch 10 x 1.0 mm


Choose ear clamps for PEX tubing & water supply piping systems and low profile clamps for industrial machinery & automobile. If the requirement is to keep the cooling system connections in check, then go for multi crimp rings and choose worm drive clamps for both pneumatic & water circulation systems. However, if you’re looking for automotive solutions, get V profile clamps for securing components in vehicles and strap clamps for hazardous tanks & cooling systems. There’s no need to look any further, Oetiker is your one-stop solution.

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