How to Lift a Hot Water Heater

Handling a hot water heater can be tough. One little mistake can lead to a chain reaction of accidents. Later, these accidents can cause significant damage. Therefore, it is necessary to approach lifting a hot water heater with caution.

This comprehensive guide will provide you step-by-step instructions, practical tips and important safety precautions. It will also make sure you’re well-prepared for the job ahead.

Lifting a Hot Water Heater

To safely lift any hot water heater, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1 – Turn Off the Heating Mechanism

  1. Firstly, turn off the ignition source for gas or electric water heaters.
  2. Or, switch off the breaker in the main service panel for electric heaters.
  3. Also, remember to turn off the cold water supply.

Step 2 – Get Your Supplies Ready

  1. Then, create a corrosion-proof concrete platform that is perfectly level.
  2. Or, use a water heater stand that can support the weight.
  3. Gather plumbing tools, like wrenches, pliers, channel locks and screwdrivers.

Step 3 – Drain the Water Heater

  1. Next, attach a water hose to the tank drain outlet and secure the connection.
  2. Open a hot water faucet to allow air into the pipes.
  3. Later, slowly open the drain valve to drain the tank completely.

Step 4 – Disconnect the Water Heater

  1. Next, disconnect all pipes connected to the hot water heater.
  2. Clear any obstructions around the area for ample space.
  3. If dealing with a gas heater, leave disconnecting the natural gas line to a professional.

Step 5 – Lift the Water Heater onto the Platform

  1. In order to move the unit onto the platform, use Vestil hot water heater lifter.
  2. Place the heater on the lifter perfectly by using its hand-crank winch.
  3. Then, secure the heater with the help of provided straps. 
  4. Utilise the mechanical lift for precise positioning.

How to Ensure Safety While Lifting?

When it comes to lifting, there are several important do’s and don’ts to ensure your safety and prevent damage.

Why Does a Water Heater Need to Be Off the Ground?

The ground clearance prevents fires or explosions. If a combustible liquid (petrol or motor oil) falls on the garage floor, then it will not come into contact with the heater.

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