How to Install A Procon Pump?

Procon pump is a versatile rotary vane pump widely used in the food & beverage, medical and water treatment industries. It has a cylindrical casing with an eccentrically mounted rotor inside. The rotor has multiple vanes that slide in and out of slots as the former rotates to generate flow.

Now, the installation of Procon pumps can be tricky. If not handled with care, there are high chances that you will end up damaging the connection points. Refer to the following installation steps to reduce safety risks and maintain consistent pump operation:

Step 1 – Unpack the Procon Pump

  • First, take out the pump and keep the shipping plugs intact until the fittings are ready to be installed.
  • If your pump has a shaft coupling, remove the coupling and the foam shipping strip.
  • Next, examine the mounting surfaces for proper alignment.

Step 2 – Mount the Rotary Vane Pump

Procon Series 1 rotary vane pumps and Series 2 rotary vane pumps require a carbonator-style motor (NEMA 48YZ frame), while the Series 4 & Series 5 pumps require a C-frame motor (NEMA 56C frame). Also, before installation, make sure you have these components on hand.

  • Bolt-on pump
  • Motor adapter
  • 56C / 48YZ frame motor
  • Drive Shaft Coupling (for 56C) & V-Band Clamp (for 48YZ)

On 56C Frame Motor

  • To begin with, half mount the drive shaft coupling onto your motor shaft and tighten the set screw.
  • Next, mount the other half of the coupling onto the pump shaft and leave it free.
  • Also, ensure a seamless coupling fit between the pump and motor shaft. Avoid excessive forces. 
  • Now, mount the motor adapter using four (16 threads per inch) bolts and lock washers. Then, rotate the pump to orient the inlet / outlet ports.
  • On a trial basis, mount the pump onto the motor adapter while engaging the coupling pieces.
  • Once the coupling is properly engaged, tighten the set screws on the pump.
  • Next, fasten the pump to the adapter using three (20 threads / inch) bolts and lock washers. 
  • If you have a 6 Series pump, use two (16 threads / inch) bolts.

On 48YZ Frame Motor

  • Ensure that the motor is unplugged and cannot be turned on by accident.
  • Slip the Procon 1113 V-band clamp onto the motor ring flange.
  • Then, insert the tank shaft of the pump into the motor slot to mount the pump on the motor.
  • If required, rotate the pump to orient the inlet / outlet ports.
  • Ensure proper alignment between the pump and the motor flanges.
  • Once the clamp seats around the entire pump circumference and motor flanges, tighten the V-band clamp using 15 to 30 lb-inch of torque.

Step 3 – Plumb the Procon Pump

  • Before plumbing, support the pump with a wrench on the square port bosses.
  • Then, use Teflon thread tape to install the fittings.
  • Remember to flush out the inlet before joining.
  • Connect the inlet & outlet lines to the fitting on the pump.
On a brass pump, use brass or plastic fittings. On a stainless steel pump, use stainless steel or plastic fittings. The usage of different metals can lead to corrosion, which can enter the pump and cause damage.

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