Ferraz Shawmut NH000GG50V63 Blade Fuse

Ferraz Shawmut NH000GG50V63, also referred to as NH knife blade fuse, is a general-purpose fuse designed to protect conductors or electrical devices from high short-circuit currents. It can interrupt any current surge, right from the lowest fusing current to its breaking capacity, and is therefore ideal for application in adverse environments with high temperatures.

The Ferraz Shawmut NH000GG50V63 blade fuse features:

  • Isolated metal-gripping slugs that prevent fuse installation in the neutral side of the circuit
  • Breaking capacity: 80 / 120 kA
  • Dual trip indicators to show if the fuse element has blown
  • Metal extraction lug on the cover plate for quick removal of the fuse
  • 0% Cadmium content & lead-free connectors
  • 500V, 63A & 5.4W

Mersen, formerly Ferraz Shawmut, also offers a wide variety of other electrical protection systems, such as sub-miniature & automotive fuse-links for all standard electronic services.

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